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Adventure capitalist is a money-making and idle game that allows you to double or triple your money by investing in the right place. It is a game of business where the player needs to apply his mind to grow his money while sleeping. He had to hire some mangers to control all the wages and take ideas from them to double the money. Investment in the targeted field will help to grow your wealth in very little time. The game is made for those who want to get some idea of money management and financial outcomes.

Overview Information

App Name AdVenture Capitalist
Version 8.5.4
Size 77 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Screenzilla
Installs 10,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On September 2020


The game starts by providing limited money to your account. To be a perfect capitalist, the player needs to use this money in the right business to get some good outcomes. After making enough money, the player can now hire some mangers for managing all his capitals. The managers help him to be a perfect capitalist by giving new business ideas for investment. The main target of the game is to grow your money by expanding the business. It has a bonus reward that gets unlocked on achieving different profit levels.

Features of Adventure Capitalist

The game is best for getting some new business ideas. The following features are available in the game to make it quite interesting:-

The journey from Rags to Riches

The game will let you experience becoming rich after going through a lot of struggles. You will face several ups and down for taking the business to a high level. It’s all about the journey from running a small lemonade stand to become the CEO of the self-owned company. The capitalist keeps on investing his hard-earned money from the lemonade shop to get a good start.

Adventure Capitalist Apk

Dress up like a millionaire

Looks matter a lot in giving a professional sign to the capitalist. The player can dress up the capitalist with a suit to bring more professionalism to the business. The game has different varieties of costumes for the player that can be unlocked by paying a few bugs from the earned profits. Make a uniform for your own company and give it to your employees to work like a boss. Set different outfits at different levels to handle the business like a professional capitalist.

Join the space race

After expanding your business on earth, it’s time to get upgraded to a higher version. The capitalist has to travel to the moon and mars to get some business ideas. He needs to apply his mind to determine which type of business will run the best in the moon. He can invest in making a space traveler jet or space suits to grab some good profits from the people. He also can take suggestions from the investors and arrange a meeting to know about the consequences.

Attend parties and enjoy the life

To get some break from heavy loads of work. The capitalist can also take a break and spend some money in making life better. He can arrange parties, invite friends and employees, and have some fun like the real CEO. Feel a little refreshed from all the works and enjoy the life to the next level. Continue to work after spending some of the time. Don’t spend more money on doing parties at the beginner level.

Compete with other investors

Compete with top investors by changing the working strategy. Don’t invest more in risky business in massive amounts. Grow slower in the beginning and then start taking a risk on the most assumed market. Make target investment to rank higher. Get the reward of no. 1 capitalist on reaching to the top.

Final words

AdVenture Capitalist is full of new business ideas. People who are interested in doing financial business must play the game to get creative business ideas for real life.

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