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Adventure communist is an idle clicker game for hard-working persons. The game teaches you how to work hard for growing potatoes. It gives a hate comment for those who don’t follow the rules on the game. The player needs to go on clicking to handle the situation and become a communist. The games aim to remove all the lazy people and focus more on hard-working people for making a communist. Player has the role of hard-working comrades that influence another character in the game for becoming a potato tycoon.

Overview Information

App Name Adventure Communist
Version 5.4.0
Size 92 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Screenzilla
Installs 5,000,000+
Requirements Android 5.0 or above
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Updated On September 2020


The game is entirely based on the life of a communist who expands his potatoes business. The communists start from the traditional primary method of growing potatoes. After getting some profits for selling the supplies, he makes some profit. The main aim of the game is to work hard to grow the economy. The player reaching the highest amounts will get a pro batch in the game. It will be an additional reward for his work that makes his game ID different from other users.

Features of AdVenture Communist

The game has quite amazing features to involve a player in the game:-

More Glory for More potatoes

The glory of a player represents the number of potatoes he had grabbed in the game. People who have grown vegetables have become the leader. The player needs to keep collecting potatoes without a break to become the best tycoon.

Grow your economy

Adventure communism is not only an idle clicker game that continues pressing the yes button every time. It also tests players on how to utilize their mind to increase the production of potato in the city. Players can do new stuff like trade goods, build Comrades, transport services, etc. The game is full of different more features for helping the player to grow the economy.

Use technology for increasing production

All the money that a player makes in the game can be useful if he knows where to invest it. Communists don’t mean to do hard work every time by using the traditional methods of plowing. The player has to spend his coins in buying modern ways of increasing the supplies for potatoes. Clicking ideally on the correct option on the screenplay will help the player to supply the demands of the vegetables in the city.

Adventure Communist APK

Complete missions and gain Ranks

The player gets to the top rank as he follows all the instructions on the ideal screen for marketing the potatoes—every time the game gives missions to the player for testing the players’ efforts. The player who gives all his energy and makes his potato sell becomes the communist—the game improves the player’s ranking, which indicates hard working ability. The more top-ranked a player will be, the more hard work he is doing to grow potatoes.

Discover New Territories

The feature is only available for players having better communist skills. The players who work hard to trade potatoes will be given a chance to play on other territories. These territories have more resources and rewards than the original land. It will make a player to get through the more challenging places to prove about his hard work. The player who gets successful on the other territories gets a premium reward and a pro batch.

Final verdicts

Adventure communist is the game that focus on ‘3P’ they are Peace, prosperity, and potatoes. The player who knows to find all these three things becomes the best communist. It is a game, describing the struggle of a community to build up a whole empire with the help of potatoes. It gives inspiration to the player to invest things to become a big one.

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