Archero MOD APK 2.2.3

Archero Mod (Unlimited Money/Gems) is an advanced archery game with a lot of features. The players have to shoot the enemies from the archery to stay alive. It has elements of shooting archery by doing long jumps. The players get many levels in the game to get an excellent experience of gameplay. There are different varieties of arrow available to shoot different species coming from the other world. It also gives you an invisible arrow for killing giant devils. The force applied on the bow depends upon the speed of the shaft. The player gets the feature to control the speed of the arrows on his screen.

Overview Information

App Name Archero
Version 2.2.3
Size 103 MB
Category Action
Developer Habby
Installs 10,000,000+
Requirements Android 5.0 or above
Get it on
Updated On September 2020


Archero shares the most amazing gameplay that will make you feel like facing a war on a different planet. The evil creatures displayed in the game look very dangerous. It supports dual-mode, which allows you to play the game with your friends. The players have to select any character to start the game. The competition gives special arrows for killing giant evils. Different creatures like skeleton, devils, birds will come from the opposite side to kill the player. You need to focus on your principal and shoot all the moving creatures one by one for making it the end.

Features of Archero Mod

It is the best app to get a different experience of arrow war. Archero supports the following elements in the game:-

Choose new characters

The game gives an option to choose any hero or heroine to start the battle. The characters look more beautiful and provide a real feeling of being a hero in the game. The dual-mode option available in the game takes it to the next level. Choose any of the shade heroes to look like a real warrior. The player needs to increase the shooting speed and accuracy for surviving for a long time.

Archero for Android

Unlock new equipment and spellbook

The game has many magical features that can help to save you from the monsters. The magic spell books are the best equipment to fight with the beast. The spell of the book has the power to change any arrow to a fire or cold arrow. The player needs to know to use the period in a critical situation to survive till the end. New equipment is also available in the game for killing groups of a monster with one arrow. These arrows are more advanced than modern technology for executing the evils.

Unique boss fights

At the end of each level, there stands a boss. The player needs to kill the boss to cross the level. Boss is the most powerful character in the game. It is quite difficult to kill the boss. One or two arrow doesn’t even harm his body. The player had to struggle a lot for killing the boss. Find the weak points in his body and attack him with much accuracy to kill the boss. The size of the boss is much bigger than the regular characters. It makes you feel like fighting with a supervillain.

Archero Mod

Invincible weapons and Upgrades

The game gives many upgrades and surprises in the middle. It gives you the magic spell book to shoot and an invisible arrow in the war. It is essential equipment while having a boss fight. Players will need a lot more time to learn all the skills of shooting the arrow. It also shares many upgrades to provide you with strong armour for protection. But, no helmet will last for a longer time. For this reason, the player needs to shoot the monster without getting harm.

Final Thoughts

Archero is full of advanced archery features that can easily make a player addicted to its features. The graphics and animation are enough to make to a real fan. The game has also received good feedback from millions of users in play store.

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