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Avakin life is a game of another level that lets a player enjoy a virtual experience in a new world. The game will make you feel like living in a luxurious life in some parallel universe. It gives 3D animated human beings for customization. The players can upload their pic and customize the 3D character by providing a new look with their image. It is the same as exporting your face to a 3D anime character. The game can auto control all the facial expressions for giving a real presence in the game. Enjoy the virtual life by making new friends, falling in a relationship in a new way.

Overview Information

App Name Avakin Life
Version 1.046.01
Size 136 MB
Category Role Playing
Developer Lockwood Publishing Ltd
Installs 50,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.4 or above
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Updated On September 2020


It aims to provide a virtual loving world to the player. It connects every player who had downloaded this game in one place. All gamers can customize their face to give a real presence inside the game. Meet new people from all around the world. Chat with them and ask questions about their life. Every character in the game is rich enough to organize parties in the home. Make new friends and call them to the house to carry on a whole night party. Compete with them by becoming more fashionable and stylish and try wearing new trendy costumes.

Visual and graphics

The developer deserves a heads up for the graphics. Each character in the game is made with attention to give a unique look. The game makes you feel like playing the role of hero on an animated 3D movie. Even the houses, cities, cars, roads look very real only because of the 3D graphics. The player also gets the option to add his voice inside the game by setting up the pitch sound. Set any desired pitch to match with your voice to make the sound look more real. Enjoy the virtual world by creating new anime friends from different countries and interact with them. Every corner of the game is enough for giving refreshment to the mind.

Features of Avakin Life

Avakin life allows the player to enjoy a classy experience in the virtual world. Some of the features available in the game are the following:-

Dress up with own choices

The player gets a vast collection of dresses to wear for looking more smarter. It has a collection of dresses for both males and females. The customers consist of a group of new and trending fashionable dresses from all across the globe. There are a lot of ornaments for the female to dress up like an actress. The players can fulfill all the desire to wear any costumes without any objections.

Meet new people and chat with them

The virtual world adds all the people in one place in groups to have some fun. Players can chat and talk with their new friends in the voice of their virtual character. Interact with them like meeting in real life and create a good impression. Make a group of friends and enjoy moving around the city in a car. Go to malls, swimming pools, travel on the ship, and enjoy your life to the best. Explore all the places in the city by moving out to new locations in a luxurious car.

Design your home and make it beautiful

Avakin Life provides you with bungalow and home apartments. The player gets the option to choose which type of home he wants to take for living. It has a comprehensive collection of houses in Hollywood styles for giving a classy feeling. The players are independent to choose any of the homes with their mood. It further provides all apartments with decorating equipment for adequately arranging all the things. Apply your creative skill to organize something like a real human. Beautiful house decoration will give you good feedbacks from other anime characters.

Avakin Life APK

Style the perfect character

Export Your image inside the game and make your dream anime character. It gives full features to customize your look. The game has options to fit your face automatically over the anime. They can do further customization by making sharp changes to the characters. Change the style according to the choice. Design yourself and look more beautiful than real life. Design a perfect you by using all the tools available in the game. Feel satisfied to look into the mirror and walk with full confidence to face other characters.

Avakin Life for Android

Buy premium stuff to look more classy

The game also has a premium costume to make you feel more classy. It is best for those players who want to look different in the game. Players can invest some real cash to buy any premium costume that suits their body.

Final Verdicts

Avakin Life is the best game for those who want to have some fun in virtual life. Players feel happy to live a classy life inside the virtual world. The characters in the game are attractive enough to make someone addicted to the game.

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