Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK

Beach Buggy Racing is the sequel of Beach Buggy Blitz game. It is a road kart racing game that allows you to run your karts across the beaches, roads, villages, etc. The new version has come with more advanced features to go fast with the kart. Options like Dodgeball, Oil slick, and fireball are added to have some adventures around the beaches. There are six types of game modes and 15 types of different tracks for racing with opponents. Instead of the competitor, a player needs to face other obstacles on the path like bumpers, breakers, u-turn road that makes the kart imbalance. The game gives you more fun experiences because of the sound and additional anime characters. It will provide the feeling of racing on a Cartoonist planet.

Overview Information

App Name Beach Buggy Racing
Version 1.2.25
Size 80 MB
Category Racing
Developer Vector Unit
Installs 100,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
Get it on
Updated On November 2019

Visual and sounds

The game looks more cratonic than the real one. It let you experience living in a Disney land where the player had to defeat all the 3D anime characters. The monster car, muscle cranes, give the feel of racing in an animated world. The sound effects are more fun to make you laugh while driving. The games become more surprising after clearing the levels.

Features of Beach Buggy Racing Game

There are exciting features available for Beach Buggy Racing Mod Game. Before downloading it you just know about the features.

Use action skills

There are irrelevant mystery unlocked inside the Racing karts. It is full of some unrealistic features like teleporting, destroying the tracks, fire attacks, etc. The karts can flip, roll down, jump from top elevations to make the game more adventurous. More features get unlocked upon clearing the levels of the game.

Customization of cars

Beach Buggy Racing apk comes with a variety of car customization features. The money collected after racing is useful to customize the car. For making the car run smoother, there is a garage in the game where all the damaged parts are repaired with the new one. It also has a collection of muscle cars and monsters that are incredibly powerful in defeating someone while racing. All of these options are freely accessible only in Beach Buggy Racing mod apk.

Powerups for boosting speed

The kart racer gets 25 powerups for boosting their speed. On the way of the track, the player will get several opportunities to grab these boosters. After collecting each shining flowers, the speed of the kart becomes fast enough to keep everyone down. The tracks have limited power booster fruits on the way. The chances of getting powerups are more for those player who is in the first position.

Team of racers

Each of the group members in the team has unique powers in the race. For example, some have the power of teleporting, while others can flame fire tracks. Every opponent uses their team member to give best in the game with the help of their inbuilt powers. It also depends on how they are utilizing their ability to win the race.

Multiplayer mode

Beach Buggy Racing gives split-screen mode to allow other players to join the race. The game also can be connected to android TV or Xbox devices to enjoy on big screen. Users can connect their game with the help of wifi or Bluetooth to cast their net on Android TV. The game also offers 3D and graphics settings to make the game look more attractive on a big screen.

Final words

Beach Buggy Racing apk doesn’t only give the experience of racing on the tracks but also allows the users to fight with their given skills. Overall the game is race cum war in a Disney land. It is the best casual game for those who are in search of having some extra fun instead of racing in a game.

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