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Puzzle games are the best way to improve the IQ of any person. Most of the puzzle games make you feel bored because it contains same type of trick in all the levels. Best Fiends puzzle is unique from all the puzzle games. It gives missions to espace all the Fiends by solving the problems of good ones. The competition aims to remove out all the evils character with some magic puzzle speel. The player gets limited time to save his partners so, and he needs to solve the puzzles for keeping a good one from Fiends.

Overview Information

App Name Best Fiends – Puzzle Game
Version 8.5.2
Size 138 MB
Category Casual
Developer Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Installs 50,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On September 2020


Best Fiends puzzle is all about the little creatures that lived in Minutia. One day they get attacked by evil people and Fiends. The strange force takes down the place to start destroying their lives. But, for protecting good people, there’s always come a legend. The role of the player is the good man who has to protect the city of Minutia from Fiends. All the right people are catch and put down in jail. The player has to unlock the puzzle for escaping good people and throwing the fiends out from the place.

Visual and sound

The game displays the puzzle on the screen in the form of boxes. Every box has some Fiends. The role of the player is to solve the problem so that it doesn’t harm the good ones. It has tons of cute characters that don’t let anyone feel bore. Whenever the evil people escaped from the city, the people of Minutia feel happy and start cheering. The game kept the attraction of a player until he solves the puzzle.

Features of Best Fiends – Free Puzzle Game

Best Fiends is an adventurous puzzle game loaded with many features. Some of the amazing features available in the game are the following:-

Solve thousands of funny puzzles

The games have more than 2000 puzzles. It will take a long time to solve all of them. But, most of the players go to the last level by playing it for years. The game is quite successful in gaining a player’s attention in comparison to other puzzle games. Those who want to improve their thinking skill must play it once in their life.

Build a team by collecting cute characters

A player gets some extraordinary power to solve the puzzle quickly after building a team. He has to collect various characters from the game and build a team to get more puzzle-solving skills. For every good team from the little aspect, the game gives some exclusive rewards for defeating the Fiends.

Compete against friends on Facebook

Players are allowed to share their scores on social media to show the scores to their friends. It also has options to challenge your Facebook friends to participate in the list. The one who completes many levels at less time became the winner.

Win exciting reward daily

The player gets some exciting rewards for opening the game daily. All of these rewards are very helpful in escaping friends from the city. It also gives us the chance to solve the puzzles quickly—the chances of winning increase if the player opens the game every day and gets some puzzle-solving hacks.

Purchase cute characters to win easily

The game has a collection of vast characters. Some premium characters help to make the game more easy. Players can purchase these talented characters to solve the puzzle very quickly.

Final thoughts

Best Fiends – Puzzle Game is the best puzzle and adventurous games. Players can apply their minds to find the trick to solve the problem more efficiently. The difficulty of the games increases from neutral to hard. Anyone can be an expert on playing the game regularly.

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