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BitLife: Life Simulator MOD (Full Unlocked) is a game that makes a player feels about the journey of life. It is the best game for letting someone know about making decisions in life. The simulator comes with decision making options on the screen. The player has to choose any decision and get ready to face the consequences regarding the selected option. Starting from the time of birth till death, everyone can live every moment of life. It all depends if you have lived a happy life or not. Achieve all your goals and Die like a king without any regrets.

Overview Information

App Name BitLife – Life Simulator
Version 1.32.1
Size 101 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Candywriter, LLC
Installs 10,000,000+
Requirements Android 5.0 or above
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Updated On August 2020


BitLife – Life Simulator Apk is a decision-making game that brings situations in life. All the players need to do is either accept or ignore the situation. For example, if the player had chosen to kiss a girl, he must be ready to face all types of consequences in his life, like falling in a relationship, getting married, having children, etc. All the situations can’t be ignored; for every decision, there is a final impact. The player must be ready to face those situations and handle with his mind like a living legend. He has to go through a set of different characters in his life till death.

What’s more in BitLife

Bitlife is a simulator game so, we can’t expect more advanced features in the game. Some of the qualities that the game have are the following:-

BitLife Mod Apk

Live like a real person

The game provides an intermixed biographies inside the gameplay. The player had to live like a real man. He must think before taking any step in his life. Start from eating breakfast to choosing a business plan; all the decision has some consequences. To live a happy life in the end, the player needs to make sacrifices like an ideal man. If you waste your time in the beginning with fun, then the entity may have different consequences. The player needs to be ready to face the situations based on his decisions.

Fall in love, have children start a family

The player has to find a dream partner. He needs to give all the effort to get a love for his life. The first target will be to create a good impression in front of the girl. You have made her realize about your loyalty. The game also shares some romantic screens like doing lip kissing for minutes and reacting to the situations. The player has to take his girlfriend on a date, dance with her, enjoy long drives, etc. In the end, all you have is the memories of a time that you spend with your partner.

Be a Model citizen before you die

The game gives useful feedback for the life you lived after your death. To die like a legend, the player needs to enjoy every moment of living like an ideal man. He had to make his name feel proud before his death. He needs to be very suitable for his work to have proper feedback from the people. The game also a dark side to enjoy a negative role in life. It will let you die like a villain, and all will be happy for the death. The game gives a brief idea about decision making and makes a player realize about life.

Interactive stories in the gameplay

The game has a collection of thousands of stories. Every decision will take life to a different model. It doesn’t make you feel like coming back to the same situations. For every plan, there is a separate consequence. Most of the conditions even come without our expectations. It has many surprises for you, like real life.

Final words

BitLife is a short version of living life in a virtual world. The game gives you a character to live. It all depends on the player, what type of character he wants to build in his life.

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