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Bomber Friends Mod Apk (Unlimited Health/Gold) is an online multiplayer game that allows a player to blast the opponent player with bombs. The one who survives till the last wins the game. It can be a more joyful to play it with friends and blast them. The online mode allows 2 to 8 players to join in one battle. The game doesn’t come with the more advanced feature, but it has grabbed attention for its group playing mode. Most teens like to play the game in groups with their friends for joy. The game land all the players in a place surrounded by walls. Each player had to throw bombs and blast other players. The one who survives till last wins the game.

Overview Information

App Name Bomber Friends
Version 4.01
Size 78 MB
Category Action
Developer Hyperkani
Installs 50,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
Get it on
Updated On September 2020


The game starts by landing all the players in a field surrounded by walls. The bombs are hidden in the area. The player had to collect the bonbs and keep them in their pockets to blast the opponents. The limit of the maximum player is set as eight. After all the players reach in the filed, they have to throw bombs on each other to become the owner of the area. The player can protect themselves by running away from the bomb before the blast—the one who survives till the last breath wins the match.

Features of Bomber Friends

The game is full of fun and comes with the following features:-

A comprehensive collection of levels

The game has a champion mode that has more than 300 levels. Every level is unique with their scenes, graphics, and walls. The game has rendered the sequence of each level to confuse the players. It is a game of the mind; the player needs to make a plan of how to collect bombs and throw them to the opponents with much safety. The one who doesn’t know to throw bomb gets killed by the blast of their weapon.

Bomber Friends for Android

Collect powerups to defeat the opponent

Bomber Friends has a collection of some fantastic stuff. The player gets powerups on different locations on the filed. Some power is hidden in the field from the beginning. The player needs to find to get some extraordinary power. The game also has a super powerup mode, which comes only for few minutes in randomized areas of the field. These players need to catch these temporary powerups before they disappear from the ground.

Customize characters with hats, shoots, etc

Every player gets access to change the look of the character according to their choice. They are allowed to design and animate the character will hats, pants, shoes, belts, etc. to look different in the game. The game is for both the genders, the female players can choose the female characters and design them as per the choice. Bomber Friends Mod Apk also features a store where the players can purchase beautiful customers to decorate the aspects.

Bomber Friends Apk

Play among different players around the world

It is a worldwide game, so the online game connects you to different world players. The game also has an option of invitation to invite your friends to do a battle. Players get connected in the online mode with alternative players and enjoy playing with them at annoying times. Every player has a username for keeping an identity in the game. Till now, it had not added any chat feature to chat with players in the online mode.

Final words

Bomber Friends Mod is a viral game for playing with friends. The game is quite successful in making a stronger bond with your friends. Killing your friends is the funniest thing that you can do online. It is the best platform to have some fun with friends rather than chatting.

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