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Brawl stars is a war game made by the developer of the clash of clans. It has both online and offline playing mode for having some fun. It has the option to create a group with friends for playing in a gang. All the players have to use their brawls for killing other players. It gives options on the screen for moving the character in any direction. Collect particular types of Brawls for defeating the opponent with a secure mode. Take the help of a friend to exchange brawls for killing the enemies at a proper time.

Overview Information

App Name Brawl Stars
Version 29.270
Size 147 MB
Category Action
Developer Supercell
Installs 100,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.3 or above
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Updated On September 2020


The game has both online and offline modes. The offline mode allows us to play the fixed brawl characters in the game. After playing some matches, a player quickly knows how to become a winner in the offline mode. The online mode makes the gameplay more enjoyable. It let you join alone or in a gang with your friends. Make plans in a group to take down your enemies. Collect brawls from different zones in the game and keep them open to use against the opponent. The game is entirely based on time; the one who attacks the first can quickly kill the other. Develop your skill to know how to throw brawls on the opponent to became a perfect killer.

Visual and graphics

The game shares a beautiful colorful graphics. All the players look like a star as the game is Brawl Stars war game, so we can’t expect humans as characters. The game shows you the top view to look at all the directions at the same time. The game has different playing assets and colorful patterns. The whole place looks like a Disney land full of varying war equipment. Every brawl character gets the option to steal the war tools to attack each other. A yellow light sparkles while throwing the brawl on other players. The sound of the gameplay is not so noisy. It doesn’t let anyone feel irritated even in playing with high volume.

Features of Brawl Stars Game

The game shares many unique features for grabbing more attention from the players. Some of the amazing features found in the game are the following:-

Multiple game mode for battle

The target of the brawl characters is to collect ten gems. The team that collects ten gems very soon becomes the winner of the game. The game is full of different gameplay like 3v3, solo vs. duo, Bounty, Heist, etc. In the solo vs. pair, the gameplay takes place between single and multiple players. There is a limitation for collecting fewer stars for the solo brawler. The one who receives the targeted gems wins the game. In the heist, most players don’t have to manage leads, but they need to protect their team. The team who last long on the field wins the game.


Unlock and Upgrade the Brawlers

Players get the option to customize the skin of brawler for giving it an attractive look. They had to try different skin to make it look unique and different in the battle. It also offers options for improving the ability of the Brawlers by providing them with specialized training. Use the unlock feature to ready the brawler for the match. Most of the functions also gets unlocked on winning the matches. The players get additional Brawler skills for boosting the level of attack. Each of the skills is valid for use on a different mode of the game.

Evolve the Brawlers

Brawler gets evolved on winning more matches. The evolution in the game means adding up more special moves and attacks. The size of all the Brawlers remains the same, but the way of moving, going through the obstacle, breaking the candy boundaries goes on changing. Players get the option to challenge other brawlers of the same type of skill to give an equal level of competition. It all depends upon the player; if the player wants to win the match without giving much afford, then he can choose to challenge Brawls with some low category ranks.

Brawl Stars Android

Participate in new events and gameplay

New events get unlocked daily for regular players. Players can participle in the Brawl fight events all around the world to check their skills. In every event, they need to play until they lose the match. Users can participle in the event with the help of the gems earned from playing the game. The game also gives options to buy flowers from real cash. The game doesn’t show any possibility of changing the gems to real money. Every winner team in the event get extra gems to improve the ranking.

Final words

Brawl Stars is a fun fight game with a lot of gaming modes. The developer had shown some creativity by making it a star fight game. It is quite successful in grabbing a lot of good feedback from its fans.

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