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Clash of Clans is an epic combat game that allows a player to make his clan. They can ready the groups by creating healthy boundaries, villages, troops to attack other families. Players get full access to make clans on clearing every level. Several soldiers protect every clan in the game like archers, witches, green army, etc. It is a multiplayer game and thus needs an internet connection to play on your android devices. Different players can collaborate to make their team bigger for defeating other clans.

Overview Information

App Name Clash Of Clans
Size 136 MB
Category Strategy
Developer Supercell
Installs 50,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On November 2020


The meaning of the game is hidden in it’s Title. Clash of clans means a violent fight among the groups. It starts with building houses, villages, and ports. Every user dream to make a big clan by collecting gold coins from the opponents. It has many stages for giving more surprises to its users. They can ask help to their friends to attack other clans. It is whole like a kingdom where the king ask for help from other kings to win the war. Characters like an archer, witcher, etc. helps to fight against the opponent clans.

Clash of Clans APK

Visual and Graphics

The game has tried to show a whole town in one screen. Every character in the game is kept small to cover the maximum area of the screen. Users can also zoom the screen to see what’s going on inside the clan. Every part of the game is filled with some equipment for making a strong clan. There are hundreds of characters in the game that help the player in building the protection. This stuff takes place in a green land. It gives the player the option to self-customize the design of the clan and make it look more attractive. Every speedster needs to keep working inside the houses for making it more durable. The sounds of the game is kept a little creative. The player can hear the sounds of the whispering from the people and workers on the clans.

Features of Clash of Clans Latest version

The game gained quite popularity in the last five years because of its unique gameplay. Some of the fantastic features that a player can avail inside the game are the following:-

Fight with other clans from any part of the globe

The war takes place between two groups at a time. Players are free to make decisions about their future attacks. They can select any groups from the map and send their soldier to start the fight. The opponent has to accept the invitation if he is ready for the clan war. The players are independent of using the game characters to win the war. If the situation starts getting worse, then it will be better to take help from the friend to win the war and loot gold coins.

Upgrade Town hall 13 and unlock many new features

The town hall gets upgraded to a higher version of clearing the levels. They need to grab a lot of achievement like gold coins, build strong boundaries, defeat clans to upgrade the level. Every upper level has a lot of surprising soldiers for the families that can help to kill more than five soldiers from other groups. At the initial level, the player gets access to archers who can kill only one soldier in a war. The players who involve in the game and complete all the challenges can enjoy new natures in the next town hall.

Plan for the unique battle to attack like a hero

The weightage of player’s profile in depends on the number of gold coins stored in the clans. The more strong witchers you have in the troop, the more will be the weightage of your profile. The player need to focus on growing both the gold coins as well as the town at the same time to balance the clans equally from both sides. Make unique plans with friends and help each other by exchanging things between the clan.

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Journey to Builder base for discovery

The player should also focus on other clans to find the weakness in their clan. They have to move to another builder to locate the weightage of undiscovered areas. It is easy to find weak clans by doing some little hang out research. The player should attack the weak clan at the right time with a full army to grab all the gold coins from the opponent. It will also be interesting to fight with similar clans to know about the best clan.

Final verdicts

The latest version of Clash of clans has upgraded many of its features to give new playing expertise to its fans. New characters are added to surprises the game features like clan search, giant witchers; are combined for a fantastic experience of gameplay.

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