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Clumsy Ninja is a game for giving training to ninja characters. The role of the player is to improve their skill by training them. The training method is quite robust for making you an expert. It is compulsory to complete the training for impressing the sensei. The ninja characters have to learn moves like jumping, fighting, kicking, for improving their fighting skill. They can also visit other cities and meet with new ninja characters in the battle. The final moto of the game is to earn a ninja belt after finishing the training. The sensei gives them severe challenges to complete in a time limit. It all depends upon the guidance of the player for making them master in their skill.

Overview Information

App Name Clumsy Ninja
Version 1.32.2
Size 27 MB
Category Adventure
Developer NaturalMotionGames Ltd
Installs 10,000,000+
Requirements Android 2.3.3 or above
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Updated On July 2020


The game starts with choosing a ninja character that you want to train. If you are a girl, then select any female character. Similarly, a boy can choose any of the make characters available in the game—the first task to catch the thrown balls from the master. After getting mastering in one skill, the sensei give another job like doing rope jump or high jump from the tree. In this way, the training becomes more challenging one after the other. The game ends by giving a ninja belt at the end.

Features of Clumsy Ninja

The game is full of many fun and exciting training skill. Some of the features that you can explore in the game are the following:-

Belt up after the training

Every trained will get a ninja belt that will give him the identity. The player collecting the black belt will get more priority to participate in battle than other players. So, don’t skip any step and complete all the training to be a pro ninja fighter. There are more than 70 interacting training materials to be the master in the skill. Use the trampolines, Punching bags and ball guns to be more accurate with your target.

Customize Clumsy Ninja

The game provides various outfits to make your Ninja look more attractive. Buy any coloured ninja costume of your choice and try ninja moves to check your comfortable with the dress. Try crazy stunts to check if it matches with your character or not. Keep changing the costumes whenever you feel odd of the same outfit. There is no restriction on trying new dresses from the ninja store.

Create unforgettable moments

Make new virtual friends in the training period and collect all the memories you live while the training period. The game will give you the same feeling of taking a study course with your friends. Interact with new players and accept challenges to prove your skill. Work on your weak points and prove to them you are the best Ninja in the group.

Enjoy the adventure journey

Travel outside after completing the training. Join the ninja battle and use your skill to show them your talent. Meet new people with more advanced skills in the other city. Interact with them and try to make good relations by following the rules of the group. Use ninja moves to jump from big trees and giving triple rolling kick. Feel the real adventure by living in a virtual world.

Purchase pro features

The game also has a premium ninja store to unlock many locations to travel. It also allows the player to buy premium ninja outfits in exchange for real cash to make you feel different from other characters on the game. The skills can’t be unlocked; the training is compulsory as it teaches how to utilize the ability to win the battle.

Final words

Clumsy Ninja is a unique game with a unique concept. The player can enjoy a lot instead of focusing on fighting skills. It creates a different type of friendly environment to make the player feel like living in the real world.

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