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Coin Master is a game full of adventure and challenges. The best part is that the players can explore all the journey inside the game, also with their friends. The game has to option to connect the game id with Facebook id and go online to enjoy adventures with millions of other people. The player has to go through the world attacks, Viking villages, etc. for grabbing more coins. It also has an option of time travel and magical powers which take it to the next level. Those who know the best use of their coins become the coin master and win the match.

Overview Information

App Name Coin Master
Version 3.5.170
Size 53 MB
Category Casual
Developer Moon Active
Installs 100,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
Get it on
Updated On September 2020

Visual and Graphics

The game is more surprising because it is full of a lot of unrealistic features. Human minds are always interested in seeing amazing unexpected things. It, therefore, lets a player know about the real meaning of adventuring inside the game. The display seemed like a cartoon world and made a player enjoy the game in different locations. The game had a coin-spinner that unlock weapons like a hammer, shield, piggy, etc. for use in the new places. The player who knows how to use these tools becomes the coin master.

What’s more inside Coin Master APK

The game will make a player know about how to utilize coins according to the unlocked locations. Some additional feature that is available in the game are the following:-

Spin for earning the loot

The game begins by spinning the coin matcher box. The spinning box has all the tools available for use inside the location. It has three columns that show different instruments on each spinning. The player gets three various tools on each spinning, including the coins. They can use only those equipment that comes on the screen after each screen. The better they know to use the tools, the more currency they can grab from the game.

Attack on Vikings village

There are two ways to earn coins. The first one is by spinning the slot machine, and the other one is stealing other coins. There is no need to break the piggy bank if the coins are not available. Players can go to friends dashboard and check out the coins they have collected. The game has a feature to steal open coins available on the friend’s land. The war begins between the two after he gets caught. Fight back to save the coins from your friends and enemies. The player who grabs more coins from the village becomes the coins master.

Collect the cards

Coin master game doesn’t only focus on grabbing coins, but players also have to collect cards. The one who solves the puzzle of the map will unlock a new location. These new places have a treasury hunt from where the player can earn coins ten times more than collecting small coins. Those who apply the mind to solve the cards get the treasure.

Play online with Facebook friends

The game had reached out to more people by its option of connecting it to Facebook. The details of all the players in the game are displayed on Facebook. A person can quickly know who is playing Coins master by seeing into the Facebook profile. The game is very successful in grabbing attention of players in bulk by adding the option of stealing coins from friends.

Game battles for becoming a coin master

The player gets the option to challenge another player for the battle. It helps to decide who is the best one in grabbing more coin supplies. The player who can grab maximum coins on less time becomes the coin master.

Final verdicts

Coin master is a social game that doesn’t let only players enjoy the gameplay. It also connects all the players at a place and builds a friendly environment. Friends can now explore different adventurous places and find hidden coins at the same time. It let anyone experience the feel of searching the mystery of coins.

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