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The game is all about solving a murder case and find the original criminal behind the scene. You need to reach on the spot and use all the suspects to get a depth idea about the murder. It all depends upon your thinking skill to reach to the criminal. Take the help of advanced gadgets to find the fingerprint of the criminal and apply your mind to catch him. Every level of the game comes with a new case the player had to use his knowledge to clear the level by putting the criminal in jail.

Overview Information

App Name Criminal Case
Version 2.35
Size63 63 MB
Category Adventure
Developer Pretty Simple
Installs 100,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On September 2020


The game would land you to a crime suspect for solving the case. You have to use magnifying glasses, fingerprint scanner, etc., to find the real man behind the murder. Note down each of the steps and work on it to reach the end. The game will make you feel like a CID officer. The difficulty of solving the case becomes more complex at higher levels. Interact with all the witnesses and inquiry about the happenings going on the time of the murder. Find the reason behind the killings by inviting the people living close to the victim. You will love the game if you have an interest in solving mysteries.

Features of Criminal Case Mod

Criminal case is a thrilling game that will make you think very deeply. It has the following features that help to reach the victim of the case:-

Investigate the crime scenes

Focus on every small thing present in the suspect area to analyze the result. All the elements present in the ground will be displayed below the screen. Take the initial step of an investigation with the help of things like a handprint, rubber ducky, hairdryer, postcard, etc., present on the zone. It will help you as a clue to reach the original killer. Find the right part by imagining the situation faced by the victim.

Criminal Case Mod

Analyze clues in Laboratory

Everything can’t be analyzed in the same place. You need to collect every suspect and use it as a clue to find the killer. Take them to the Laboratory and run tests on the things. It will help to get more information about the situation in the past. The items left in the ground will help you to find the killer. Examine every corner of the place to get a more informative clue to the murder case.

Interrogate with witness and suspects

The player has the role of a detective that will set up an inquiry with the witness to get more clue for solving the case. Ask them tricky questions to make them speak the truth. Look at the expression they make while answering the question. Find out the liar between the ground to get a connection between the killer. Keep enquiring with more witnesses to collect more clues. Try to be relaxed while asking questions to listen to their voice, then go for asking questions in depth to overview the case.

Arrest the killer

In the end, you will reach the original killer. Arrest him with full proof and take him to the jail. Sometime, the killer tries to escape from the city to be safe. Make a list of all the travelers and link with the witness to find the real killer. Find the reason for killing and put the idea into the filed case.

Criminal Case APK

Download Criminal Case MOD APK 2.33

Criminal case is the best game for those who want to go through some thrilling experience in life. The game will give you a lot more new ideas to think about any decision. It will make your mind sharper to judge someone in real life.

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