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Dan the Man had already won the game of the year in 2016. It is a game full of an epic story. The role of you is like a hero who has to save the world. People need your help to protect themselves from their enemies. It’s all about the story of a man named Dan who will fight against the bad one and save the whole world. He is the man who can only bring peace to the nation. He had to compete with giant robots and discover their area of control. Dan has to reach the secret place and kill the boss to end the level.

Overview Information

App Name Dan the Man: Action Platformer
Version 1.6.20
Size 55 MB
Category Arcade
Developer Halfbrick Studios
Installs 10,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On September 2020


The game share 2D graphics to run the gameplay. It has set the story of an epic hero named Dan. The look of Dan is kept as a real hero. All the controlling room are full of advanced gadgets to defeat the player. Dan needs to play with many tricks to clear the secret area and kill the real boss. All the gameplay runs with amazing scenes. Every part of the story, starting from attacking the enemies to the blast of the location makes the gameplay more enjoyable. The sounds of the game are set as serious for bringing the motivation to defeat the enemies.

Features of Dan the Man: Action Platformer

The epic game has already collected a lot of good reviews from its players. Some of the function to explore in the game includes the following:-

Classic game modes

Dan the Man has different playing mode like campaign mode, endless survival, and adventure mode, to display a fantastic gameplay. Every mode has different rules for completing the mission. Dan needs to know the fighting skill and attacking techniques to win in every level. The most challenging style is the adventure mode that gives an option to the player to go through a lot of obstacles to defeat the warriors.

Upgrade the game characters

Dan can look more better by upgrading the outfits and costume. It also unlocks many features of the player to stick to the game till the next level. The player, in the beginning, finds it difficult to use his power, but after many tries, everything becomes easy and comfortable. New features get added after cracking each level in the game.

Retrieve pixel art action

Dan the Man is loaded with action scenes. The player needs to fight the battle against a massive robot to reach the secret place. The main villain of the game is kept hidden in full protection. Dan needs to find a place to kill the boss. The game gets finished after the boss gets killed. The player needs to go through much challenging stuff to reach the end. The real action begins when all robots come to attack in a gang. The player had to protect himself by hiding somewhere and use his gun to prove the heroism.

Enjoy the epic series

The game shares many levels with different supervillains. Dan needs to be prepared with all his war equipments to fight against these villains. The boss of each level is filled with different attacking qualities. Dan needs to handle all of them to reach the end. Every level gives some new rewards to keep the motivation of the player. The epic series of the gameplay continues until Dan killed all of the villains in the game.

Final Words

Dan the Man: Action Platformer is the game of choice for those who are searching for the best action game in less file size. It meets all the requirements in satisfying the mood of player.

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