Dead Target MOD APK

It is the realistic zombie game where the player gets the role of a zombie hunter. He needs to make a plan to go to the zombie city. The game provides various zombie hunting guns and weapons for killing the zombies. It will make you feel like hunting zombie in a real action movie. The zombies look very dangerous and horrible. It runs behind humans to eat and kill them; the main aim of the player is to kill them to save the people. The player has to fight with a massive zombie population alone and leave the mark of heroism.

Overview Information

App Name DEAD TARGET: Zombie
Size 114 MB
Category Action
Installs 50,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On September 2020


The game has loaded amazing 3D graphics that take the gameplay to the next level. Everything in the game, including the hero to the zombies, looks precisely like the real one. The graphic of the rifle, shooting, and killing the zombies is enough for giving a mind-riving experience. The sound of the zombie is more horrible and makes you feel like facing real zombies. The developer has worked harder to make the game look more authentic by customizing every little feature.

Features of DEAD TARGET: Zombie

The game will make you a fan of its amazing features. Some of the features that can be explored inside the game are the following:-

Keep defense and shoot

The zombies always try to come near the player and kill him. The player’s main target is to use his skill to defenses and shoot them by applying all their tricks. After the game begins, all the zombies start surrounding the player, so the player doesn’t have to focus on killing them but also use his defense skill to find some space for escaping.

Join millions of zombie shooters

The best part is that you are not alone in the game. There are various other zombie hunters busy in the game for killing the zombies. The player needs to stay with them to clear the mission quickly. Going alone and hunting zombies increase the chances of getting killed. The player needs to apply his skill to save his teammates from the zombies. He should go out alone only after becoming a pro zombie hunter.

Upgrade guns for killing giant zombies

DEAD TARGET: Zombie game has different categories of zombies. Some of them get killed easily with few gunshots, while some take a very long time to die. The player has to keep changing the guns and bullets looking at the size of zombies. They also get an option to upgrade their weapons for shooting giant zombies. It is quite challenging for killing the giant zombie. The player should be prepared with the right gun for taking them to death.

Battle on different maps

The game has different areas for shooting the zombies. The maps in the game get unlocked upon clearing each level. It launches the player to a different zombie city. The location set in the game is more horrible and creepy to play. Killing zombies are not an easy task. Keeping alert of every move will help the player to survive in different locations. The maps in the area are enough to confuse any player about the directions and putting them in danger.

Final verdicts

DEAD TARGET: Zombie is an addictive offline game. All the action game lovers must try this game and feel the experience of becoming a zombie hunter. The game is quite successful in giving a high level of satisfaction to its player. It also had provided amazing graphics within a smaller file size.

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