Dragon City MOD APK

Dragon City game is made for those users who love to play with dragons. The game provides different varieties of a baby dragon. You have to train and nurture them to make them a monster. The dragon will follow all your words and help you in making a virtual city. On the first level, you have to choose a baby dragon and feed him with food; you also have to provide them fighting skills so that they can save your city from other evil dragons. For every training you complete, you get rewards in the form of gold coins that can help you buy food for dragons. If you download Dragon City Mod Apk, you get access to many surprising features for free.

Overview Information

App Name Dragon City
Version 9.14.1
Size 104 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Socialpoint
Installs 100,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
Get it on
Updated On May 2020

Features of Dragon City Game

There are exciting features available for Dragon City Mod. Before downloading it you just know about the features.

Unlimited Food

Feeding the dragon is essential because it helps the dragon to breathe out fire from their mouth. The more they eat, the more luminous their fire shine. In the free version of Dragon city, you get only limited food for the dragon. The game provides very few gems, and you have to invest them for both training and nutrition. But, In Dragon City Mod apk, all the rocks and coins are unlocked, so you have no restriction to buy food for your dragon.

Advanced Dragon City

Before the game starts, you have to choose any one dragon of your choice to start the game. In the whole game, you have to train the chosen dragon to save the city. But, Dragon City apk had unlocked all the dragons so, you are free to choose both free and premium dragons. The premium dragon can grow very easily, even with less feeding. They look more dangerous and have good attacking skills to deal with evil dragons.

Unlimited gold

The mod apk comes with unlimited gold coins. You can use these coins to buy anything for the dragon. For example:- you can buy clothes for the dragon, premium skins, weapons for the dragon, expand the city, etc.

Unlimited gems

The difference between unlimited gems and gold coins is that Gems can be used for buying complete food for dragons, but the gold coins are useful for purchasing dragon training guides, skins, crown, etc. The Dragon City Mod apk unlock the access to unlimited gems, which can help you to buy high-natural food for the dragon to grow them faster.

Expand Dragon city

The game provides you an environment where you don’t only focus on growing your dragon but also take steps to expand your city. The Dragon City gives you access to buy resources for developing the city. Dragon will help you to create borders so that it will be difficult for an enemy to attack your city.

The new Greenhouse

The greenhouses are the places that you need to purchase for expanding your city. You get various surprising things in this house. You earn coins, gems, new foods, etc. After buying a greenhouse, you also get access to the area for expanding the city. The Dragon City Mod apk has unlocked this feature to make it easy for you to increase your place.

Final words

For beginners, it takes a lot of time to collect coins and gems for the dragon. The game rewards you significantly less money on every successful training, so growing a dragon becomes a complicated process. But, with the help of Dragon City, all these features become very easy. You can increase your dragon very easily and directly take part in defeating the evil dragons.

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