How to Become a pro in Dream League Soccer 2020

Dream League Soccer is the best video game for football lovers. It has both online and offline mode for the player. It had grabbed millions of users because of its excellent graphics and a lot of features. It has a wide variety of options for choosing players, controlling games, different playing modes, levels, etc. The game seems to be quite tough for beginners and needs a lot of practice to be a pro. But, the chances of becoming the pro increase if you do a little research before starting the match. Doing Few settings will help to make you a pro player.

Tips for making you a pro player

Becoming a pro player of any game gives a different level of satisfaction. It gives you the benefit to challenge anybody and show him your skill like a legendary football player. Here are some tips that will help you be a pro player in Dream League Soccer 2020:-

Dream League Soccer

1. Choose a wise captain

Choose captains from the most popular category. The game had set priority to the player as per different captainship. Choose high skilled players like Ronaldo, Messy, etc., to get a good start in the gameplay. Keep experimenting with the game and find out which captain suits you the best.

2. Change positions of players

The position and performance of the player matter a lot in any soccer game. Keep changing the positions of players and try to check the level of performance concerning the desired position. If they can do power kicks in the same place, then fix the team. Keep testing the same outfit more than two to check the results.

3. Use the B button for playing

Must use the ‘B’ button for moving the ball. Players set different keys to make the game very complicated. The reason for changing it to ‘B’ is that it will help you remind B stands for the ball. It helps to make your reflexes sharp, and your hand will automatically move towards it for setting a responding key.

4. Turn on the fixed analog stick

Don’t roll your fingers all around the screen. It makes the gameplay a little odd, and you even can not focus on all the directions. It is the wrong primary setting that the player did to make the game even more difficult. Navigate to the game setting and turn on the analog stick to stable your direction of movement. It will help to establish a pinpointed focus on the ball and know the activities of your opponent team.

5. Always play in attacking mode

The main target of the player is to reach the ball to the goal. So, don’t play in defending mode as time is already draining out. The game gives scores based on doing goals on a fixed time. Try to pass the ball as soon as possible, and keep doing powerful kicks by finding brilliant chances. Keep moving the ball to divide the player into a gap. Take advantage of the space and kick the ball at the perfect time to make goals.

6. Set camera type to Ball mode

Camera type controls bring more uneasyness to the game. Moving screen every time is even not possible while sleeping. Try to develop your practice in the ball mode. The ball mode doesn’t have a wide area of control. So, fix the setting as short as you can for smooth gameplay. Making the set up in a limited space will allow the players’ smooth movement and help you give better attention to play. It is also difficult to move hands to the downside after arriving near the goal. All of these problems will not arise in ball mode.

7. The goal with C button

Change your setting to kick the ball with C-button. It is because ‘B’ and ‘C’ buttons are very close to each other, so it will help get quick controls over the game. Try to make the control as simple as you can by checking your attention towards the game. Gaming controls should not be very far from the fingers—the chance of winning increases if you have excellent time management skills. Keep everything simple to click your keys at a perfect time.

8. Use the C button to give a free-kick

Pro players can grab extra points by getting some free kicks. Use the ‘C’ button to kick the ball at the perfect time to reach the ball to the goal. There is no trick for getting free-kicks, but it is possible with some practice. The game also has some rules, so; players don’t get a free-kick every time. But, it is possible to get one to two free kicks in one league by kicking the ball at perfect time.

Final words

All of the tips are quite helpful in increasing the involvement of the player towards the game. It is easy to become a pro once a player develops an interest in the game. Dream League Soccer 2020 is not an easy game. But, following the above guide will help to make it easy and increase the chances of winning in the league.

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