Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK

Most car racing games only show the top view of the gameplay, but the experience of driving a car in Extreme Car Driving Simulator apk is a bit different. Players have to sit inside the vehicle and control the steering to drive the car. All the controls of the game are displayed on the screen to make the driving more simple. Players have to choose a vehicle from various sports cars to start the race. All these features make the game more realistic than other racing games. It allows you to explore the city after you begin to drive. Players can press the horn, park their car, follow traffic signals to be a valid driver. The challenges while driving a car is the same as the real car. The control options are straightforward, but it will take time to be a pro driver.

Overview Information

App Name Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Version 4.18.30
Size 54 MB
Category Racing
Developer AxesInMotion Racing
Installs 100,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
Get it on
Updated On September 2020

Graphics and Sound

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Apk comes with brilliant 3D graphics. It looks exactly like the real city. The game is very sharp with choosing the location and arranging all those features like real life. The sound of the horn, opening and closing the car door also add more comfortability to the game.

Features of Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving mod is comes with amazing and great feature which you can enjoy on your android device after you can install this game. so,let me explain below the great feature of Extreme Car Driving Simulator Game

Free mode

This option allows the player to drive and explore the city with no traffic. It is for the beginner to teach the basic control driving controls. Instead of the roads and buildings, nobody will be there to put any obstacle while driving the car.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Apk

Traffic mode

The player has to drive his car in a massive crowd in the city. The mode is quite similar to moderate traffic seen in a town. All the things that happen in real life like following traffic signals, waiting for a zebra crossing, maintaining speed limits need to be focused. Violation of any rule in the city will deduct the collected points from your wallet. Only those players who have gained enough experience in the free mode can go for the traffic mode. Extreme Car Driving Simulator apk has both a less and revolutionary way of driving in the city.

Checkpoint mode

It is a more advanced level than the free mode. The player in this mode is allowed to challenge other players for a race in the city. Limited time is given to the player to pass the checkpoint. The man who reaches first to the checkpoint wins the game.

Complete task to unlock cars

At the beginner level, the player has to follow all the tasks displayed on the screen. The game offers some lessons like parking your car, reaching a location, stopping traffic signals, etc. For every takes you to complete come reward points get deposited in the wallet. As soon as the wallet reaches the threshold amount, players can purchase another car from the store. After buying a new vehicle, the amount will deduct from the wallet, and the player needs to complete the task again for collecting the coins.

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Realistic Elements

The game gives a more real experience of driving an ng car. The police will follow your vehicle if you do violate more than three rules in the game. The game is very strict with the rules and gives more priority of providing rewards to those drivers who are more disciplined to their task. The player also gets the option to drive buses, vans, truck instead of driving a car. Every vehicle has different controls, which the driver should learn one by one to get a high-rated driver.

Final words

Extreme Car Driving Simulator apk is a real driving game that allows players to drive different types of four-wheelers. It is very different from racing games. The drivers can get a realistic view of the city after getting inside the car. The game has set many rules to make it a real one.

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