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Fallout shelter is a game with different ideas. It allowed the user to build home under the ground. The users can choose any of the templates available in the game to set up their first house. The moto of the game is to create a new world inside the land. It gives various tools to start building homes inside the ground. The player also has to arrange all the facilities for the houses to settle their livelihood. They can interact with different players and get the ideas of building a beautiful colony inside the ground.

Overview Information

App Name Fallout Shelter
Version 1.14.2
Size 261 MB
Category Simulation
Developer Bethesda Softworks LLC
Installs 10,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On October 2020


Fallout shelter gives the experience of 3D grphics, which takes it to the next level. All the scenes that you see on the game seem to be very new. The developer had applied a creative idea to attract more of the players. In the beginning, all the characters in the game had to dig 2000 feet from the ground to set up a void space. This free space will be useful for the making of buildings. They need to create a modern-day room for letting the air. Focus more on living comfortability rather than the design. Use all the tools available in the game to build a large colony inside the ground.

Features of Fallout shelter

The game is made to build a thought of creativity. Some of the elements to be explored in the game are the following:-

Build a perfect vault

Start building houses from the depth of the land. Use your skill to start from the base. Use all the tools and equipment necessary for building the house. After arranging all the columns, think about the design of the houses. Also, make different outdoors for different rooms. Make a plan of taking entry and exit for each of the rooms. You have to break the house if you carry on the process without any proper planning. The game rewards you for each of the perfect homes you set up inside the ground.

Fallout Shelter MOD

Customize your home

After completing the set up of houses, it’s time to focus on arranging the household stuff. Must keep some open up space in the colony to take in things inside your home. Collect all the stiff with one click and start pointing the fingers for arranging elements in the house. Arrange everything correctly to enhance the beauty of your home. Find a matchmaker for the characters to make a settled life. Let them live in the place and grow their family.

Customize the wasteland

Start converting the wasteland to a useful place. Use the weapons for expanding the width of the land. Apply your skill to grow the area without harming other houses. Collect details of using tools and work with full knowledge. Any wrong decision may lead to the fall of the houses. Continue the process step by step to build more perfect dwellings. Explore all the surfaces and armour to work around the homes.

Protection of Vault

Before making a new building must think about the consequences. Don’t construct all the floor in one direction. It may lead to breaking the walls of other houses due to heavy load. Always keeps the base more wide to create a balance in the building. Develop more creative ideas for making houses while going through the work. Keep applying the concepts to protect the home from heavy rain and sunlight.

Download Fallout Shelter MOD APK 1.14.2

Fallout shelter is a game with unique functions. It is a story of converting a barren land to happy houses. The player needs to apply all his skills to build home and take protection measures of the people residing in underground homes.

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