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Gardenscapes is a similar game like Homescapes. In the game, You have to play the role of Austin and help him to decorate his garden. The game has a little more commercial features. The more people visit your garden, the more coins you can grab. Austin had to face several challenges for buying and decorating stuff for his garden. It is all about the story of a struggling man who escapes to find out coins for decorating his garden. The game doesn’t let you feel bored with the same type of screenplay. User has to solve candy puzzle and escape games for grabbing more coins.

Overview Information

App Name Gardenscapes
Version 4.7.0
Size 146 MB
Category Casual
Developer Playrix
Installs 100,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.2 or above
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Updated On September 2020


The story of the game is based on changing a barren land in the city to a beautiful garden. But, the main twist begins when he decides to transform the garden into a former glory. The game is like a movie that makes a player feel the struggle of Austin in grabbing coins. The natural part of the game is the candy puzzles; it helps Austin to buy gardening materials. For solving each problem, Austin gets bonus coins and purchase anything for his garden. The other side of Gardenscapes is the escape part. In this mode, Austin applies his mind to escape from a lion, wolf, etc. while going back to his city. Some obstacles that he faces in the game are falling off trees, breaking of water pools, etc. Austin has to pass through these challenges to maintain for earning more coins.

Visual and graphics

Gardenscapes have tried it best to show the view on the city on a limited screen. The gameplay shows you the top view of the town to visualize from a broad perspective. All the characters like transport, roads, trees, humans, and animals in the game look like advanced 3D cartoons. The background sound effect makes someone feel like a real city. Every move you make is according to the law of physics. The game has not loaded unrealistic characters like magic, angels, ghost, etc. The whole gameplay carries on with only original characters.

Features of Gardenscapes Mod

The game shares the following features as mentioned below:-

Hundreds of unique matches in 3 levels:-

It consists of three levels for reaching the former glory. The player has to pass through hundreds of small matches between these levels to reach the final twist of the game. Players can not skip any level. They need to go through each level to learn every move of using the resources for the garden.

Gardenscapes for Android

Dozens of characters in the game

The game will give you the feel of living in a community. Austin is very down to earth in interacting with new people in the city. He makes new friends while traveling in the city. He also has good relations with the people coming to the park. People come to the park and talk with him about the improvements and gave suggestions for making the lawn look more attractive.

Adorable puppy for cheering up

The most cutest character of Gardenscapes is the puppy. It always stays with Austin all the time. They both are good friends in the game. The cute puppy attracts every player to stick to the game by its behavior. It doesn’t make a player feel bore while playing the game. The puppy is the only source of happiness for Austin in his struggle time.

Gardenscapes Apk

Connect Gardenscapes to Social media accounts

The game shares a feature of linking Gardenscapes accounts to Facebook. It helps to know everyone about your gameplay. Whatever achievement you make in the game, everything will get displayed with your Facebook friends. The game can build your popularity if you are a pro gamer. All can comment about your creativeness for decorating the garden. Other benefits of playing the game are that it gives a player the idea of making a place look more beautiful.

Decorate the garden for attracting more tourist

The developers have provided all the stuff that makes the garden look more attractive and fresh. Austin has to cut down the weeds growing with the grasses to make the land look greener. He has to deal with the Broken fountains, old mansions for improving the beauty of the garden. It all depends on the creativity of the player for making arrangements in the garden.

Enjoy the game with the offline mode

It also has the offline mode where the player can enjoy the game at boring times. It is best for those people who need some practice before going to the online mode. Players usually don’t like the offline mode as nobody is there to challenge their creativity. Still, an option is available for those who don’t become became more social.

Final words

Gardenscapes is a mix of puzzle and escape games that don’t let a player think like sticking in a solo set for a long time. The game is very addictive and grabbed millions of downloads with very little time. It can be the game of choice for those who want to try some creative games.

Download Gardenscapes MOD APK 4.7.0 (Unlimited Coins/Stars)

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