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Grow Empire Rome is the game entirely based on expanding kingdom around the world. The role of the player in the game is a king who has to be ready for making a strong empire to defeat other kings. The game lets you feel like having a war in ancient times. The whole kingdom will follow the words of the king. The king has to travel with his soldiers to fight against other kings and win their land. The main motto of the game is to occupy all the kingdoms and be the only king of the world. You had to order the soldiers to make firm boundaries so that the soldiers from other countries would not enter your palace.

Overview Information

App Name Grow Empire: Rome
Version 1.4.45
Size 74 MB
Category Strategy
Developer Games Station Studio
Installs 10,000,000+
Requirements Android 5.1 or above
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Updated On August 2020


The game starts with a small kingdom where you are playing the role of the Empire. On those stages, you need to order the soldiers to make a secure boundary. The king had to apply his mind to make all those improvements to help him protect the kingdom. Other kings will come with their soldiers to attack and capture the place. The king has to use the weapons to defeat the opponent soldiers. After winning the battle, the area of the kingdom of the opponent will become yours. The game will continue until the king defeats all the king in the world.

Features of Latest Grow Empire: Rome

The game starts from the city of Rome and goes on expanding until the king keeps winning the battle. The below features are available in the game for making it a real one:-

Tower defense and Role-playing elements

It indicates the boundary of the kingdom. The king has to grab coins by developing his country, the more good improvements he does, the more he can save for constructing a sharp boundary. He has to spend his coins for buying bricks, rods, big stones for building a strong empire. He needs to be ready from the beginning to protect the palace from the enemies.

More than 120 cities to conquer

The game goes very long as it has more than 120 empires. The king has to defeat all the emperors for completing the level. The king can easily win if he attacks the smaller kingdom. He also should take care while moving out that other king should not attack his Empire at the same time. Every step should be taken with much attention for saving the kingdom from the opponents.

More than 10000 building upgrades

The game has a collection of different types of bricks, stones, sands, ready-made walls, etc. The king has to choose the most suitable resources for building a strong kingdom. The game also offers wall upgrading features in exchange for the gold coins. The more currency you spend, the more muscular wall you can create. Upgrading buildings will help to keep the kingdom safe from the enemies.

Siege weapons and hundreds of elephants

After completing the external protection measure, it is also necessary to look at the soldiers and the animals. The king had to upgrade the soldiers and weapons by providing them the weapons to fight against the opponent. He also needs to buy more elephants of different species to build a robust defeating team. It will be a fierce battle for the opponent if both the city is ready from both sides.

Final words

Latest Grow Empire: Rome is a fantastic game for those who want to get some feeling of living in ancient ages. The environment is of olden days that make a player experience the historical wars.

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