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Last Shelter: Survival is a zombie survival game where you need to protect yourself from zombies. The whole world is affected by a zombie and killing people one by one. The role of you is to keep yourself safe from them. Take the help of your friends to shoot and run from the zombies. You also have to build your shelter at many places which will make you keep hidden from the zombies. The game shares the same story as the Movie of Z-war. The man had to survive until the last and find a way to escape from the city.

Overview Information

App Name Last Shelter: Survival
Version 1.250.190
Size 278 MB
Category Strategy
Developer Long Tech Network Limited
Installs 10,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On July 2020


The game shares heavy 3D graphics which gives a fantastic look. The gameplay seems to be more real enough to impress someone in the first attempt. The player can use any stuff available in the city to beat the zombies. Protect yourself from them by finding a car and drive across the road of the street without thinking about the zombie crowd. They will kill you if you stop running from them. Don’t make them feel like you are hiding; otherwise, the whole zombie troop will reach to kill. Find a shelter and block all the doors, windows, entrance gates, etc. The game will make you feel like facing real adventure in a zombie city.

Features of the Last Shelter: Survival

It is one of the most downloaded zombie games in the play store. You can get the following elements in the game:-

Jump from buildings

The zombies are everywhere around the cities. Get outside the home for collecting food for your friends. Travel to malls and food stores to collect some food for a living. The zombie will start coming once they smell you. Use your gun to shoot them to protect your friends. Carefully enter the store to grab some food. Take the exit to your shelter once the work is done. Be careful to reach home and close the gate in time so that they can’t recognize your residence.

Upgrade your guns and armours

The player get full rights to upgrade the guns. You can take big machine guns and continue shooting them to make the end. It is not possible to kill all the zombies in the city. The main motto of the game is to survive till the end. You can escape from the place after hiring a helicopter. The army troops will come to help you by taking to a safe place. Reach to the destination at the right time to drive safely to the safe zone.

Build a wasteland empire

It is the most creative feature in the game. The survived players had to build a home from all the waste products like fallen woods, rods, plastics, etc. They need to find a place surrounded by a boundary so that the zombie can’t reach the site—the only place where the player can feel safe is their home. Apply your skill to build a secure home for residing in a safe place.

Missions and Alliance warfare

The game gives you several tasks like rescuing the president from his home, saving people stuck in a building, etc. The player needs to do all the functions for saving people according to the mission. Risk your life by going out to the danger zone and rescue the unaffected people from the danger zone. It is not always possible to save all of them but try your best to save maximum people from the zombies.


Last Shelter: Survival is the best zombie game that can make you feel like living in a real zombie world. The game is full of bravery and emotional scenes. The player has to sacrifice their friends once they get affected and proceed to the home like a brave person.

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