MARVEL Future Fight is the game for marvel fans. All the characters of avengers and X-men are available in the game. The player can choose any of their favourite Marvel characters and make the team to fight an online battle. The game gives you the chance to get some experience of using the power of your favourite marvel character. Upgrade your costume by using different features to become more powerful. Fight online battles with varying users by joining the heroic struggle. Build smart control after choosing any character to win the fight battle of the game.

Overview Information

App Name MARVEL Future Fight
Version 6.4.1
Size 85 MB
Category Role Playing
Developer Netmarble
Installs 50,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On September 2020


All the players have to participate in the emergency mission offered by the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Mr. Nick Fury to save the world. Players can choose any of their characters and reach the desired location in time for saving the world from the supervillains. All the villains gathered in one place to defeat the avenger team. The player had to help each other in the group and defeat all the villains by making proper plans like the movie. Use all the powers to give your best for beating the opposite team.

Features of MARVEL Future Fight

It is the best game to have some experience of fighting like Marvel heroes. Some more features to explore in the game are the following:-

Choose and upgrade characters

The players are free to choose any of the characters to get launched in the game. Both heroes, as well as villain characters, are available for selection. There are more than 200 marvel characters in the game, including Avengers and X-men. Select any one from the list to make a group. Start a battle with the opponent by accepting invitations from both the sides. Players can upgrade their suite after collecting coins for defeating the opposite team.

MARVEL Future Fight APK

Upgrade superpowers

Upgrade your superpowers like using the hammer of thor or flying like an iron man by grabbing more coins. Choose any of the characters and start defeating the opponents for getting more coins. Use them also for upgrading superpowers. Learn to control the marvel characters and become the undefeatable legend of the game. Apply your fighting skill to get focused by other players and grow your personality to be more powerful.

Experience the real action

The fantastic 3D graphics of the game are enough to make you a real fan of the game. View the characters from all directions of the game. The place gives the feeling of a fight like a movie. There are many themes taken from the original film for adding more real value to the game. Experience the battle by fighting in the same location as the movie. Fulfil all your desire to be a marvel hero by winning the fight.

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Team-up with friends and face challenges

The most enjoyable part of the game is its online feature. Play with different teams of the world after making an avenger or X-men group. Select any of the characters to get some new experience in the battle. Use your fighting skill to know the attacking power of the opponent. Save your style by analyzing their fighting skills. Attack them at the right time to lay them down on the ground.

Complete special missions

The game gives special missions to provide a real movie experience. Go to different cities with your group and make plans to catch the victim. Run according to the idea to make your mission successful. Grab more rewards for completing the purpose of the game.


MARVEL Future Fight is a fantastic game that will give you an experience of marvel movies. The fighting skill of each of the characters is the same as the movie for making it more enjoyable.

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