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Matchington Mansion is a game of implementing creativity. It lets a player decorate a large house with the help of limited resources. For getting more decorating stuff and tool, the player has to match the candy puzzles. For solving each problem, he gets some surprising tools like hammer, paintbrush, bedsheets, etc. The player has to use all these tools to make the house look better. Winning in the candy puzzle game helps the player for making the house look more beautiful. Clearing levels add advantage to get more rewards for designing the home in the best way.

Overview Information

App Name Matchington Mansion
Version 1.75.2
Size 125 MB
Category Puzzle
Developer Firecraft Studios
Installs 50,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On September 2020

Visual and designs

The game holds a massive collection of tools that a player can use to design the mansion. The big house has a bedroom, bathrooms, hall, etc. The game displays the side and top view of the house to focus on each thing kept inside the room. When the player gets short of coins, the game automatically takes back to the candy mode, which is the smaller version of the candy crush game. It displays a small transparent box full of candies that need to be matched with the same color for grabbing more rewards.

What’s more inside Matchington Mansion

The game gives you the full right to decorate the home in your way. You can make the house look more attractive with the help of the following features:-

Room designing by matching the candies

In the beginning, the box gives you small tools like hammer, paintbrush, etc. to correct all the defects in the house. If the sofa doesn’t look great, then the player has to use his stick and fix all the pins to make it secure. He needs to place everything at the proper place to give an average look to the house. After getting other surprising tools, the player has to decorate the mansion by purchasing new decorating items.

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Play a match-three puzzle game to unlock rewards

The only way to bring more items to the house is by playing the match-three puzzle game. Matchington Mansion game has a puzzle game inside that helps in earning more coins for spending in the house. The player needs to play the match-three puzzle and save his money for buying new items for the home. Options like changing the color of the wall and decorating the sofa are unlocked to solve the match-three puzzles. It is straightforward to win in the puzzle game. The player needs to swap his finger and match the candies for finding the proper matching of candies.


Secrets rewards and hidden objects

The game gives surprising rewards after you do everything in an ideal manner. The players get different hidden objects from various rooms. The bonus gets unlocked for finding these hidden objects. The hidden objects have a star sign in them. The player has to find such purposes to get a full bag of coins. All the coins can be useful for purchasing the decorating items for the house. The player does the work of an architecture to make the mansion look like a premium cottage.

Interact with game characters and create a new story

The game has many characters like beautiful girls, a cute cat, women, etc. The player has to interact with all these characters and talk to them for taking ideas about decorating the house. The player also has to take care of the silly cat that runs inside the house and finds the hidden objects. Create your memories about how you spend the time in decorating the home.

Final Verdicts

Matchington Mansion is a mixed puzzle and decorating game that doesn’t make a player feel like sticking on a single game. The story of the game becomes more interesting as soon as the player starts bringing more items for decorating the mansion.

Matchington Mansion MOD APK 1.75.2

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