Metal Soldiers 2 MOD APK

Metal soldiers 2 Mod (Unlimited Money) is a 2D shooter game that gives a fantastic fighting experience by shooting the enemies. Be the only hero to finish the terrorist from the place. Hide under the fort and under the bricks to protect yourself from the bad ones. Move your gun in all directions and start shooting by applying your skill. The game finished with your blood down finished from your body. Grab new power-ups for boosting your health on the terrific environments. The game has hundreds of levels to complete. Clear all of them and became the bright soldier of the country.

Overview Information

App Name Metal Soldiers 2
Version 2.67
Size 130 MB
Category Action
Developer Play365
Installs 50,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On September 2020


The game starts by launching you in a place full of terrorists. You are given a big gun to deal with all of the players. It would help if you kept shooting from the beginning to kill the enemies. It has a lot of places to hide and protect yourself from the bad ones. All of them will start searching when they don’t find you in the battlefield. Be smart to apply your mind to deal with them like a trained soldier. The level gets completed once you kill all of them.

Features of Metal Soldiers 2

The game has set more extensive features in less file size. Some of the features available in Metal Soldiers 2 are the following:-

Different characters to play

The game has many sets of characters to choose for playing. The player gets full right to select any of them to launch in the terrific battleground. Both female and male characters are available to enjoy the gameplay. Many other customizations can also be done by choosing guns of your choice. Be ready by selecting all the desired equipment to fight in the battle.

Kill your opponents

Metal Soldiers 2 Gameplay-1

The enemies will start fireing after seeing you on the ground. Don’t start shooting from the beginning of the battle. Find the right place to hide and deal with them one by one. The soldier had a high chance of getting killed while running in an open ground. Try not to be so quick to judge all the places and wait for the right time to kill more than two people in a few seconds. It would be best if you made a backup plan to hide in another area once they come to attack at your place.

Change guns for intense killing

Metal Soldiers 2 for Android

The game provides different types of guns to deal with enemies. Choose the best weapon you are comfortable to shoot and take entry in the battle. Try a few matches for selecting which threat is more convenient. Customize your gun with different colours for developing an interest in facing the enemies. The game also gives you some bombs for throwing them in the place. Use them in critical situations and keep yourself in a safe zone. It provides you with limited weapons, but you can grab it from the battlefield by stealing the bombs from the enemies.

Premium features to unlock

It also has collections of premium material for giving a fantastic playing experience. The game has a set of premium costumes and guns for bringing more uniqueness to the character. Customize the character with own choice by trying hats, belts, shoes, etc. with the help of all the premium feature available in the game. Just click on the payment option and complete the payment by choosing any desired mode of payment available inside the app.

Download Metal Soldiers 2 MOD Latest Android Apk

Metal Soldiers 2 is a fantastic game in small size for shooting lovers. The 2D model of the game gives an excellent experience to kill enemies. The animation effects of the flying soldiers keep the attention of the player in the game.

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