Minecraft Earth APK 0.26.0 for Android

Minecraft Earth has come with a more realistic feature than it’s old apk. Users can now experience more practical elements of building things the same as what they see in the real world. There’s a lot of difference in creating some new characters than the old features available in the app. The game allows you to move your phone to get Minecraft characters for building your city. This feature has taken the thought of creativity to the next level. Compared to the old version, the Minecraft Earth apk gives a much better element of exploring and surfing the real world.

Overview Information

App Name Minecraft Earth
Version 0.26.0
Size 62 MB
Category Adventure
Developer Mojang
Installs 50,000,000+
Requirements Android 8 or above
Get it on
Updated On September 2020


Minecraft Earth apk for android gives access to mine craft characters for building their city. The graphics of the game is the same as the Minecraft game. The users have to walk manually by turning on the GPS to get fantastic stuff to build their city. Users can also use build options to start making new cities with rock blocks, cow, piggy points, etc.

What’s more in Minecraft Earth APK

It comes with a more exciting feature for making any user stick to the game. The idea of changing a picture to a Minecraft object makes the users think more independently. Some of the features that you get inside Minecraft Earth apk is the following:-

Join builder community

The game lets you join the builder community to make your idea shine much brighter than building things alone. Taking entry to a builder community has some rules. The users in each ward will check the similarity in you and them to decide if you are in or not. Once you get inside the builder community, your thinking level becomes much broader to get more creative ideas.

Team up

Exploring things in a team gives a different joy. Minecraft Earth app supports a team-up feature that lets users collaborate and have some mini-adventure in finding Minecraft objects inside the city. A good team will remove the burden to think about what to build.

Build like a boss

Minecraft Earth apk doesn’t have any restriction on building things. The user is given full rights to create anything if their choice. Users can also make unnatural things to make their creations look like a masterpiece. The more attractive city they build, the more rewards they can collect from the game. The game doesn’t have any objections and rules to decline your efforts.


Users are free to move anywhere from their location to explore their neighbors and watch the evolution going on with time inside the local region. It helps to get some ideas for the craft. Please don’t copy the creativity of other users as it will not improve your points. Be unique to create something new with the resources.

Discover unique mobs

Users can capture anything on their phone and put it to work in making something unique. Taking pics of the muddy pig is also acceptable to use in the game. Think differently to discover new things to make your city look more impressive and attractive.

Final words

Minecraft Earth is the best game for those who want to be more creative with their thoughts. The people who are traveling can also enjoy the game. The game asks you permission to allow GPS to show equipment for building things. Users can, therefore, collect various game stuff from different locations to get more rewards. The game has many levels that get unlock after competing tasks on the game.

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