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Monster Legends Mod (Unlimited Money, Gems) Fighting with a monster is a sign of bravery. In the real world, it is not possible to fight with a monster. The same can be possible in monster games. Monster legend is among such games that allow the player to battle against a horrible monster. The role of the player is to take care of monsters and make them real to fight against the opponents. The game supports multiplayer mode so, different players participate in the game to challenge the player. The more trained the monster will, the more chances of winning the battle. The training and winning probability of the game give the reward for the best monster master.

Overview Information

App Name Monster Legends
Version 10.1.1
Size 112 MB
Category Strategy
Developer Socialpoint
Installs 50,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
Get it on
Updated On September 2020

Visual and Graphics

The game has an average level of graphics according to the orientation. The player gets a monster city full of monsters where he has to train them. The training period is quite simple and easy. Most of the work gets finished with just one click. The sound of the monster is not so horrible. The player feels more entertained with the gameplay rather than getting surprises.

Features of Monster Legends

The game is full of tasks for the monster. Besides the role of a monster master, it holds more additional features as described below:-

Collection of monster

The games hold a comprehensive collection of monsters. There are more than 600 varieties of monsters with different special characters. To win the game, the monster master has to select the beast with high abilities and then train them to develop their attacking skill. The game also adds a new monster every week that makes the player feel more awaited for the coming of a new monster.

Monster Legends for Android

The strategy of RPG Progression

After developing the fighting skill, the monster gets upgraded to a higher version. All the upgraded monsters help to gain more RPG than the smaller ones—the game keeps training a permanent monster and also focuses on a little monster for backup. Developing skills on the old freak is better than the greed of the new monster will more feature. The more archaic and skilled the monster will more chances of winning the game. There are several bonus tasks available in the game for increasing the RPG.

Multiplayer mode for playing with friends

The result of monster training come true after challenging some other player. The game supports a multiplayer mode, which allows you to set a fight against another player. Both of the teams will make their monster fight with the trained skill. The player who has coached their dragon much better will win the match and get coins and rewards. Multiplayer mode is a challenge for the players to show their trained skills. It is a challenging game that keeps a player motivated even after losing the game.

Leaderboards and achievements

The game also has a leaderboard section that shows the highest score attained in the game. The score displayed is from all around the world. It contains the list of the top 100 masters with their scores on the leaderboard. The game also gives achievements for becoming a pro master. It assigns a batch in your profile to make everyone know that you are a pro master. This feature makes the player easy to decide their chances of winning before challenging a player.

Build a monster paradise

Monster Legends allow the player to create a virtual monster land. The player can place mountains, rivers, Temples, Hibiates to make the dashboard look like a real monster’s place.

Final words

The game becomes more interesting as soon as the player starts exploring the skill of the monsters. The exciting part is the training period, where the beast failed with talent. It gives the player the real feeling of a dragon trainer.

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