Top 10 Music Apps Without Wifi for Android & iOS

Listening to music is a common habit of most Android or iOs users. People spend their free time by listening to the latest and popular music. Now, the fame of listening to music online is widespread. Still, it doesn’t work in situations like travelling in a plane, the issue with the connectivity, and having a limited data limit. These problems can be quickly resolved by using a music app without wifi. There are a lot of free music without wifi app available in the play store that provide you music without wifi for solving your issue. We had researched well to bring the best offline music apps that runs without any wifi connection.

10 Apps to Listen to Music Without Wifi or Internet

Best music without wifi apps

#1. Pandora


It is available for both Android as well as iOS users. It has a fantastic interface to categorize all the songs based on genres, artists, time, etc. It gives a super clean interface and very updated collections of the latest tunes. It provides a free trial for some days then charges you monthly or annually. The price is fixed as 4.99$ & 12.99$ for monthly and annual plans. It offers you to take your music offline and play them even without any wifi connection.

#2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

It is the default music app that is present in almost all of the android phones. It comes under the category of the safest offline music apps than any other third-party music player. It has both free as well as a paid version for streaming music online. Google play music doesn’t charge any money for listening to free music on offline mode. However, it has a monthly subscription plan of 9.99$ for accessing all the music for your choice. The premium plan offers to play music without wifi app.

#3. Spotify


It is the no. 1 music streaming app in the world and doesn’t need any introduction. It offers you to listen to free music without a wifi connection. The app is available in both free and paid versions with some limited features. It had an extensive generic collection of songs from all around the world. The songs can also be customized by changing pitches and adding drum beats. It allows users to download and save the song inside the app. They also get access to listen to them even without any wifi connection.

#4. Amazon music

Amazon music

Amazon music app belongs to the category of the best offline music apps. It gives high standard audio quality to its users. It is widely popular in competing with other music apps. Users can listen to any song starting from old to the latest one without any issue. The monthly subscription plan of the app varies from country to country. It gives a very light interface for listening to music without any wifi app. Users can download and save the songs they loved inside the app. All the downloaded songs can be accessed from the download options available inside the menu section.

#5. SoundCloud


It is among the most listened music app available on both play store and iOS. The best feature of the app is that it allows users to upload their audio inside the app and publish them. People who are good at singing or have small music gang gets a chance to reach their song all around the world. It also gives the additional feature of saving music in offline mode and play them without the need for any internet connection. Music can be taken offline only in the premium plan. It will cost you around 6$ a month to available you the feature.

#6. ‎Evermusic – Best Offline Music Player


This major music app player directly connects you to the online music cloud from where you can listen to any of the songs of your choice. It gives quite handy features with an attractive thumbnail of the songs. The interface of the app is quite advanced and mind-boggling. You can easily download and save any of the songs on the app. It doesn’t charge anything for listing music in offline mode. It is free to use, so you don’t expect to find all the songs inside the Evermusic app.

#7. Apple Music

Apple Music

The name of the music player had already made you clear about its developer. Users can play music without wifi app. It is available for both play store and the iOS operating systems. The only difference is that in iOS it comes inbuilt while in Android you have to download it from play store. By paying a monthly charge of 9.99$, all of the features can be unlocked with a single click. Users can download their songs online in an internet connection and save their music offline with one click. It also has additional features like radio and podcast for increasing user compatibility.

#8. LiveXLive – Streaming Music and Live Events


Earlier it was a radio app but looking into the user involvement it has changed itself to the music app. The online version of listening to the app is free to use. It holds a collection of instruments, karaoke, background music, etc. Users can enjoy free music without wifi after taking the songs offline. The user only has to open and tab on the play button to listen to music without wifi app. It gives a search box option on the top for searching the songs by their name or artist.

#9. Musicsense – Music Streaming App

It is a more advanced music app that scans all your activities. It suggests your songs according to the way of interest. You can connect directly to your Facebook account and share your favourite songs on your timeline with simple clicks. It doesn’t charge any subscriptions for taking songs offline. The best part is it gives suggestions of songs below the current playing songs to raise your interest in listening to songs. It is among the category of best offline music apps that don’t charge any amount for playing the music in offline mode.

#10. Deezer


The app is quite famous for streaming music for free all around the world. It has millions of satisfied users worldwide. The sound of the songs seemed to be very clean and audible, even at low internet speed. It offers some additional features like listening to songs without wifi in its premium version. However, users can easily find the cracked version of the app to get the features free of cost.

Final words

All the above list must have given enough choices for choosing the best offline music apps. Some of them provide the feature of listening music without wifi app on their premium version. You can go for the premium one if you can afford it. A few lists of free music apps without wifi are mentioned to help those people who want to access it for free.

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