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It is the sequel of the older version of Plants vs. Zombies game. This time the game has come with different new characters like more horrible zombies and a unique variety of plant characters to make the gameplay a little more advanced. The game had already received an award for the best action-strategy adventure game last year. Use a mass of plant army to defeat giant zombies to protect the environment. Feed the plants with sunlight and pesticides for faster growth. A well-grown plant has more powers to defeat a zombie. Utilize your skill to provide plant supplements to the essential plants for protecting the place from zombies.

Overview Information

App Name Plants vs. Zombies 2
Version 8.3.1
Size 114 MB
Category Casual
Installs 100,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On September 2020


It is game of war against plants and zombies. The zombies play the negative role of eating the plants. There are different varieties of plants available in the game that share some distinct characteristics. In the same way, many hilarious zombies come to eat the plants. The main aim of the player is to protect all the plants by placing the right plant in the zombie’s path. They utilize their characteristic to block the way of zombies. The plant army has the power to kill the zombies by using proper fighting tools. The whole gameplay keeps going until you kill all the zombies from the place.

Visual and Graphics

The game has put a lot of effort to show 3D plants and zombies on the screen. The game starts with a war field. The zombies lie on the left side of the screen, and the plants are on the right side. The place goes on changing on winning the levels. Plants have eyes, nose, and hands like humans that help them in using weapons against the zombies. They have to keep utilizing their skill to attack the zombies before they reach their city. The look of the zombie is made very terrible. They keep moving in slow motion towards the plants to eat them. The war takes place in a green open land loaded with amazing graphics.

Features of Plants vs. Zombies 2

The game is not a dangerous war game. A player can enjoy the gameplay by looking at the reactions of zombies. Some fantastic features loaded in the game are the following:-

Discover hundreds of new plants and zombies

The varieties of plants are countless. On clearing each level, new zombies and plants arrive on the land. The player needs to use the plant to know how to use it against the zombies. Similarly, it is difficult to find the tricks of killing zombies as all the zombies aren’t killed by the same weapon. The plant needs to use heavy weapons to kill giant zombies. The game gives bonus plant rewards and guns in the middle to make it easy for them to kill the zombies.

Grow robust plants and challenge bigger

The plants become more potent in growing them with proper care. The more time you take to develop them, the more powerful it will become to kill the zombies. The player should apply his brain to create a backup plant army for the war. Utilize less powerful plants in the beginning to block the hilarious zombies. Please don’t use a more robust plant from the beginning because the zombies come in gangs so they may kill your main character. Launch them in proper time to twist the war at the pivotal moment.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Apk

Compete against other players to get more powers

Plants vs. Zombies 2 also support online mode. The player can compete with other players and stood a plant to plant war for grabbing more surprises. Keep hidden the power plants and use them at the right time to shock your opponent. Defeating them will give more skill to your army. So fight with more players to get amazing rewards and new plants for using against the hilarious zombies. This option also allow the players to check who has a strong plant army in the game.

Battles in different places

The game shares different war locations between the zombie and the plants. The battlefield becomes more attractive and beautiful in the higher levels. There are 11 standard crazy lands like ancient Egypt, pyramid mode to fight against zombies. Players can choose the location before the gameplay to give a dashing look to the screen. It also has mini-games in the middle of the level for having some fun.

Meet news gaming characters

The game has new fun plants like Tumbleweed and knocks tree. The main villain of the game is Dr. Zomboss, who is waiting to end the war. He has high attacking skills to lay down the plant army with just one attack. To draft the villain, the player needs to ready a powerful plant army for defeating the evil zombie.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 for Android

Final verdicts

Plants vs. Zombies 2 gives a lot of joy to the player. The player needs to apply all his skills to win in the war. End the war by utilizing your attacking talent at the right time. Keep crossing the level to grab new surprises.

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