Plants vs Zombies MOD APK

You might have played many zombie games like residential evil, Dead trigger, Left-4-dead, etc . All these games aim to protect humans from zombies. But, Plants vs Zombies is a different game where you have to save your plants from zombies instead of human beings. You have to face more than 49 varieties of zombie eating plants in the game. Every zombie has some unique characteristics that make it more evil and powerful. So, you need to send those plants that have a specialty for killing the specific zombies. Plants vs Zombies has given excellent graphics to make the zombie look more evil. Your plant will become stronger when sunlight falls on them. But, the evil zombies always try to obstruct the light falling on them.

The game also has a store where you can get pesticides and nutritional water to speed up the growth of your plants. But, the store doesn’t provide all the supplements for free. You can get all these for free by installing Plants vs Zombies Mod Apk on your phone.

Overview Information

App Name Plants Vs Zombies
Version 2.9.07
Size 86 MB
Category Strategy
Installs 10,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
Get it on
Updated On June 2020

Features of Plants vs Zombies

  • Unlimited money:- The mod apk has unlocked the money-making tool of the game. So, you get unlimited coins to purchase anything from the store for the nourishment of the plant. You can buy hybrid seeds and grow them for defeating zombies. The money can also be used to purchase pesticides for speeding the plant growth. You are free to buy any of the products to keep the zombies away.
  • Protect plants:-Plants vs Zombies can protect your grown plants and save them from zombies. The game doesn’t provide any specific feature to create a shield for the protection of plants, but it offers you weapons for defeating the zombies and protect themselves from the danger. The plants also get the feature of spreading their smell that makes the zombie feels uncomfortable to survive.

Plants vs Zombies for Android

  • Growing supplements:- Plants vs Zombies Mod allow you to buy the unlimited growing supplement from the store. You can use these supplements on your plants to grow faster and become more vital to fight against zombies. Most of the plants get killed in the original version of Plants vs Zombies apk because it allows only limited nutrients to use in the plant. Plants vs Zombies free download feature will enable you to import many supplements on each level.
  • Anti Zombie plant:– A plant became capable of surviving from a zombie attack if it becomes huge and gets stronger. To make an antizombie plant, send them to fight zombies again to get killing rewards. If your plant gets sufficient nourishment from sunlight, water, and food, it can kill more than 26 varieties of zombies without any weapon.

Plants vs Zombies Apk

  • Unlimited sunlight:- It is an essential factor for the growth of your plants. Your plant dies if it doesn’t get sufficient light. But, in the Plants vs Zombies mod, it doesn’t happen because it gives you some food supplement that can absorb sunlight. You also get the option to make the sun brighter so that the sunlight’s intensity can fulfill the plants’ energy demand.

Final words

You don’t get time to sit in relax in the Plants vs Zombies game. If you stop, then a lot of your grown plants will have to suffer from the zombie attack. Plants vs Zombies apk has come with a different idea of attacking zombies, and for this reason, the game had gained a lot of users in the last ten years. Plants vs Zombies mod apk is a bonus for those players who don’t have experience in killing zombies.

Download: Plants vs Zombies MOD APK 2.9.07

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