Pou is a virtual alien pet game that needs to be cared for knowing more about the earth. The size of Pou is like a triangular ball which looks very cute. The game provides various options to enjoy with the pet in a different mode. There are many options to do a lot of funs with Pou. You can change his clothes, take him on a ride, play with him, and help him to find some new friends. Pou is also a driver who can ride a car. It learns things very quickly and doesn’t disturb you for his demands. The game gives you the full virtual environment to stay fresh with your alien pet.

Overview Information

App Name Pou
Version 1.4.81
Size 22 MB
Category Casual
Developer Zakeh
Installs 500,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
Get it on
Updated On August 2020


Pou is an alien pet that comes from some other planet to your house. You have to nourish him with all possible efforts. You get full rights to do anything you want with the Pou. You also can beat him like a real pet. Pou gives beautiful expressions for those things that make it feel happy. The game advises the player to keep it comfortable. So, you need to try different stuff with Pou and find out what makes him happy. Pou loves to wear new clothes, hanging out, playing games, etc. All these things need to be taken care of to make him happy.

Features of Pou Latest Version Apk

The developer has removed all the bugs and loaded many new features in the latest apk:-

Change the clothes of the alien pet

The best way to keep Pou happy is by changing his clothes. Pou gives a jovial expression while changing his clothes. You are also allowed to make him a girl by dressing it as a girl. You can add lipstick to his lips and put some hair on the head to look it as a girl. There are also options for dressing like a boy. The game has a store that contains free and paid clothes for Pou.

Unlock new skins for Pou

Make your Pou look more attractive by purchasing new skins from the Pou store. There are two ways of unlocking premium skins. The first way is to play games with Pou and grab coins. Use those coins for purchasing beautiful coats from the Pou store. The game is for both the gender; it all depends on how you are decorating your alien pet.

Play games with Pou and win rewards

You can play puzzle games with Pou and earn more coins. All the happiness of the pet depends upon your gameplay. If you are good in solving puzzle games, then you can grab more coins and buy beautiful stuff for the alien pet. The game also has a car driving games where you have to launch your pet to compete with other strange pets. You need to give training to Pau to win the match. Pau will sit in the car, and you have to control it for driving.

Hang out and find new friends for Pou

Help Pou to make new friends by hanging out. The best place to hang out in the game is to go to a swimming pool or a beach. Many other alien pets are present in the area, which will help Pau make some new friends. Pau feels happier when he saw similar pets like him. Don’t always keep it at home, but take him out to help him know about the other pets for making new friends.

Final words

The latest version of Pou had loaded many amazing features after fixing all the bugs. It has added more new clothes and activities of Pau to make it more real. The shape of the Pau is adorable, and people love to spend time with him by playing the game.

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