RFS-Real Flight Simulator MOD APK

RFS-Real Flight Simulator-Android aircraft flight simulator. The player can attempt to manage different aircraft with passengers by themselves. In addition to the vast variety of aircraft, like major airlines and single-engine aircraft for a handful, a broad range of true airports and a practical physical representation of air travel behavior and the atmosphere are required. Also, developers have done an outstanding job of managing, so the consumer has several switches and other components.

Environment a rare experience of high-quality satellite maps and 3D structures as well as roads, processes, and air travel right over the globe to discover the scenery and airports. Enter other pilots on competitive with you and get on to real-time flights. It has the management of flight schedules and ATC controllers. Make yourself a true pilot!

Overview Information

App Name RFS-Real Flight Simulator
Version 1.1.3
Size 54 MB
Category Simulation
Developer RORTOS
Installs 1,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.3 or above
Get it on
Updated On June 2020

Takeoff, Landing or Full Flight

RFS – Real Flight Simulator has its engine and thus produces smoothness completely distinct from other items within the same genre. Until now, the 3D graphics style does not seem to be solved by any video. “RFS” has described successfully how a civilian aircraft is utilized to carry passengers around the world. It has brought the newest experience with a description that uses many different angles. There are also vivid colors in the game and the moving scenes are seen in real style. You are going to travel around the planet and wonders are defined in China, Egypt, and Europe. It is also a good opportunity for you to fly

3D Effect

The stuff you deal around frequently in the game tends to be satellite charts, 3D structures, roads, procedures, and air traffic. The players will constantly navigate the chart to see where they are in the sky. The resolution will be the highest to identify every little detail of the rabbit and every small situation to make the most of your flight. You will call the on-site air traffic stations after you have entered your target, so you can land comfortably and carry the tourists anywhere they want. The game will be shown in real-time, to take part officially in the long journey as a clock as soon as you get on board.

Automatic Creation of a Flight Plan

RFS - Real Flight Simulator for Android

The pilot community in the game is also very populated as many support teams have been created which provides useful advice. Please visit the forum and raise questions during the game if you have issues. They also enjoy decorating their planes. “RFS – Real Flight Simulator” gives you several different parts for the aircraft. If you have a break and a flight award, use it fast. When you like the trip, purchase more pieces to decorate the trip you are using. This is to improve and partially improve results. When it is calculated, it is cheaper for each part and assembly than buying and shaking while it is still the same.


If you engage in a trip, challenges take place daily. Next, the landscape makes it much easier to rise and enter. When you travel, the environment will worsen and communication would be essential with the air station. You will benefit from planning and coordinating the project with the coordinator. Also, track the problem direction of the wind and several other factors when you fly.


The sound impacts are very accurate. It has the sound technology of VirtualRevolutionTM. Doppler’s accurate stereo sounds to improve the practical influence of true 2-stroke, 4-stroke, engine, battery, power-driven, and petrol motors sound recordings. Once the aircraft crosses the field, like its RC counterpart the engine sound follows. It also comes equipped with RotoSonicsTM. It has the recreation and appalling accuracy of distinctive engine/blade sounds. The sounds are so vital; you swear that you are on the ground!

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