Roblox Beginners Guide: Top 07 Tips and Tricks 2020

Roblox is a popular game with millions of users. It has a massive collection of thousands of games to play. Almost many popular games like Pubg, car racing games can easily be played inside the app. It gives a different experience of playing the game with Minecraft’s character. It is quite simple and easy to use. The player only needs to search for the desired name of the game he wants to play to check the availability. The game starts playing just by tapping on the logo. It is also an open platform for game developers to make and publish Roblox games inside the app.

Roblox Guide – How to Play Like a Pro

Roblox is a platform for all game developers where they can publish their games. Users can download the Roblox studio for creating new games. The studio gave all the features like creating a base, giving animations, assigning colors, etc.

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A beginner must know the below steps before making games for Roblox:-

1. Start by making a terrain

You can start by making a terrain for your first game. Create an account in Roblox studio and go for making a base. It allows you to choose any of the templates available in the studio and customize it based on the theme of your game. Default themes like racing track, house, city are already available for making it easy. It also has an option for uploading its customized theme. You can use it if you are expert enough to develop games. It is recommended to do research using the help of YouTube videos for customizing a perfect terrain for the game.

2. Choose objects for filling base

The second step is to place the object in the terrain as per your gameplay. If you are making a car racing game, then you need to place cars as an object on the base. Choose characters like buildings, trees, vehicles, etc., to match the game’s integrity. The studio has a search option to find any of the characters. It is done for exporting an object inside the studio. The characters can be transported within one click. Before you ship, it gives an option to change the color and view of nature for matching your gameplay. The user needs to right-click on the figures for making changes.

3. Controlling moving objects

The next work after exporting character is to focus on the movements. The user has to set the control speed and animations for moving the characters. You need to make changes and add effects for animating the characters, direction of movement, controlling the objects. All of these are easy to make, as you can use square boxes to guide the action. It has a simple customized feature like studs for moving an object. Choose how many steps the character will proceed with one click. The developers can set manually like 2, 4, or 5, looking into the type of gameplay.

4. Work on the collisions

After fixing the movement, go for setting other features like the collision. You have to choose which object to keep fix and which object to move. All the movement interactions have to be mentioned with moving and non-moving objects. You have to set the result on other screenplays to work on the collisions. Apply some creative ideas to show what will happen if two moving objects of your game will collide. You have also had to make assumptions for the collision of a moving object with inert material. Roblox studios give some default collision outputs for forwarding the functions. Choose the best result to make a responsive gameplay.

5. Choose and customize the floating objects

You can’t create every object stick to the ground. Now the time comes to work for those characters that will float above the terrain. It mostly includes jumping, running, throwing like effects—set animations and speed for the objects that will float on the game. Customize the applied law of physics to make the game look like a real one. Apply animations on firing a gun, movements of bullets, throwing a ball, etc. for moving on the next step.

6. Replay and check to see the effect

After it gets customized, start working on animation. Rotate the view to see how does it like from all the angles. Must choose the best angle to display it best on the screen. After making even little changes check if it is working correctly or not. It will help to find the bug at the beginning. Keep adding features, continue watching the gameplay to make it look more perfect.

Final words

Roblox is the best platform for making games as a user don’t have to design characters from the beginning. The studio app has many features for both pro and advanced developers for making an excellent game. But, the beginner should use the default features to get a quick learning idea.

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