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Shadow Fight 3 is made with a different storyline from the other version. The game aims to choose a ninja who will protect the shadow energy from the military tribe and legions. The person who will be successful in grabbing the shadow energy wins the game. The new version comes under the list of most downloaded epic games. Choose any one of the shadow fighters and learn the skill to defeat your enemies. The game has many levels, and the player needs to beat each of the shadow fighters one by one to protect the shadow energy.

Overview Information

App Name Shadow Fight 3
Version 1.21.2
Size 113 MB
Category Role Playing
Developer NEKKI
Installs 50,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
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Updated On August 2020


The game shares high-resolution 3D graphics to make the fight look more real. The fighter can see every scratch on the body and every drop of blood. The battle last until all of his blood drain out of the scale. It gets an option to choose any weapons like sword, iron stick and a lot more different equipment to defeat the enemies. Every part of the game looks so real to draw attention from its user. The game is quite challenging to learn as beginner. The motion and collision of equipment also give more realistic sounds.

Features of Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight 3 had received a lot of good reviews for its gameplay and amazing graphics. It consists of the following feature in the game:-

Be prepared for the action

All the players around the world have an eye on the shadow energy. So, they will come to your homeland to kill you and take the power source. It would help if you prepared well to face all of them one by one. The game also has a separate tutorial mode where you can learn to fight with the opponent. Enter the help mode and take intense training from the master before landing on the fight battle.

Look like an epic hero

The game also has many customizing features to improve the look of the fighter. It will help to give the character a real fighter look by using different outfits. The player can choose to take the shield, sword, knives, etc., and master his skill. The weapons don’t matter in the game because nobody uses a gun to fight the battle. The game runs like an ancient battle, and the fighter has to know the skill of using the weapon for making the end.

Fight ultimate battles

New fighters will come to your land from different places to challenge you to fight with them for the shadow energy. You need to prove your bravery by defeating them in the game. The player will get into the next level after he defeats one fighter in the game. In the same way, he needs to face all the soldiers one by one and become stronger. For winning each of the ultimate battles, the fighter get rewards like gold coins and chains for his bravery. The player can use these rewards to make his weapon more dangerous than the opposite team.

Join the fight community

The game has an option of social media where the players can follow the Shadow fight page to join the community. They keep on sharing the bravest player of the week on their page. It also benefits the player to learn new fighting skills and tricks to face the enemies. It also shares giveaway rewards to help some player to grab extra free coins.

Download Shadow Fight 3 Mod Latest Android Apk

Shadow Fight 3 is one of the best action games of the series. It has added more advanced features to make it different from the earlier version. The fighting scene of the 3D warriors is enough to make you a fan of the game.

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