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Slap kings is a game of slap battle where you need to prove about your slap strength. The person who slaps better will win the match. The slap match takes place inside the squared circle where two players had to stand opposite to a table. Both will hit each other one after the other, the one which lasts more inside the ring wins the match. The game continues similarly as levels 1, 2, and so on. It makes you feel like a real game as a lot of audiences are also present around the ring to cheer up and pass comments. Entertainment is the only moto of the game.

Overview Information

App Name Slap Kings
Version 1.2.9
Size 102 MB
Category Action
Lion Studios
Installs 50,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.4 or above
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Updated On August 2020


The game starts in a circle ring within a crowd of the people. They are sitting around to see the match. It displays the health and strength parameters below the screen. It helps to know the life span of the player and opponent. A player can take the decision of investing his energy looking into these health measuring meters. The game runs in a 3D model with average graphics. The reaction of the opponent on slapping is the most fun thing in the game. The sound of the crowd and the voice of the opponent gives a real touch to the game.

Features of Slap Kings

The game is a match between two players like a slap battle who gives equal chances of both the character to win. Slap Kings also shares some fantastic features like the following:-

Slap Power boosters

Slap Kings

It is the energy that the player gets while slapping the opponent man. Each level has a limited number of power-ups to use in any part of the game. It helps the player to apply more energy in slapping the opponent to blew him out of the ring. Some power-ups also increase the tolerance power of the player that adds no effect on slapping. It hit very hard to low down the energy of the opposite character.

Addicting features on the match

The game seems to be simple, but it has many features that can make you a game addict for some weeks. It improves the priority of the player after clearing each level to gain interest. The blowing away of the characters after slapping is shown in slow motion to attract the player. It seems like fighting in real action games. It also has many exciting features like the sound of slapping, cheering of the audience to enhance the mood of the player. Sometimes the player needs to challenge some giant people to participate and play in the game.

Many levels to clear

The game has hundreds of levels in different playing modes. The player gets into the next level upon clearing each level. On each level, he needs to face a new set of characters different from the previous levels. It mixed up the difficulty of the degree to make them stick to the game. Everything in the game is simple to use. A player can quickly learn how to play just by going through the tutorial.

Choose the characters of your choice

The player is free to choose any character to play. The game also gives customization features for enhancing the personality. You can decorate the player by changing clothes, shoes, skin colour, etc. The actor has no role to play with the size of the player. All of them attack in the same way.

Download Slap Kings Mod v1.2.9 Android APK

Slap Kings is a fun game full of new types of features. The player needs to focus on the game until the end of the level to increase the winning probability. It is the best game for those who don’t love high fiction game.

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