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The name of the temple run comes among the most viral games after launching of Android 4.1. Temple Run 2 is the sequel of the old version that had come with more advanced graphics. The game has the quality to make a player stick to the game with its new graphic feature. It had loaded more adds on and new scenes to make the game look more adventurous. The player has to select any one character out of the four distinct characters to play the game. The surface includes Scarlett fox, Barry bones, Guy Dangerous and Karma Lee. The player had to escape from the Temple after chasing the evil demon monkey. The size of the money is bigger than the first version. The player needs to keep running from the capital and collect gold coins to cross the level. The game gives all the controls for jumping, turning, sliding, etc. on the screen.

Overview Information

App Name Temple Run 2
Version 1.69.1
Size 86 MB
Category Action
Developer Imangi Studios
Installs 500,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
Get it on
Updated On May 2020

Features of Temple Run 2

Temple run 2 has more distinctive features that make it different from other running games. Some of the outstanding features available inside are the following:-

Beautiful new graphics

The game has come with fantastic 3D graphics for attracting the players. The scenes shown in the game doesn’t match with any real locations around the world. The player also finds many dramatic sceneries like big waterfalls, shining hills, dark places forests to protect himself from the giant monkey.

Gaming controls

All the gaming controls remain the game in Temple run 2. The player has to swipe up the screen to jump. Similarly, to slide the guy, he needs to swipe down. Left and right-swiping can help to turn the character to the left and right directions. Separate keys are available on the screen to build a shield and throwing the stick.

New obstacles for difficulty

The game had become a lot more complicated than the old version. Players had to face new obstacles and evil characters on their way to protect themselves. They need to focus more while running to save themselves from the octopus and the money. The barrier will let the player confuse and keep him focused while playing the game.

More powerups to boost speed

While running on the way, the player gets additional help to go with high speed. Different power boosters are available on the road, including the gold coins. The rate becomes faster after grabbing the booster coins.

More achievements

The players get access to shield to stop the evil monkey. It also receives some tools to freeze the game in freeze mode. The game also has a volcano mode with high glooming fires. It is the new feature added to the game and liked by most of the players. Various equipment like a sword, stick, and shield are present on the way that allows a player to bloom the monkey for some time. More achievements can be unlocked on collecting more gold coins.

Special powers for each character

The players have to choose any one character out of the four characters in the game. Every character has some unique quality of running on the track. The game has the default character with a guy with a white shirt to play. A female player can change this and select a female character to run from the evil monkey.

Final words

Temple run 2 has realistic templates for playing the game. It is an endless running game that will continue until you keep playing. The speed of the runner increases automatically after reaching a certain level. Players need to be more reflexive with their control to be a pro temple runner.

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