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Zombie Castaways MOD (Unlimited Money) is a game fully related to the life of a Zombie. The game gives a message that all the evil-looking faces are not the bad ones. It is the game where you can find a population of good zombies. All of them live on an island and give all the effort to build it a beautiful homeland. They move to another island in search of treasures and food. Every zombie had a particular zombie vehicle, which helps them to travel from the ocean to the next Island. The game has more Islands to explore new places.

Overview Information

App Name Zombie Castaways
Version 4.15.4
Size 126 MB
Category Simulation
Installs 10,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.4 or above
Get it on
Updated On October 2020

Visual and sounds

The game has loaded average graphics to create an evil look of zombies in a small version. The looks of every zombies are different, and don’t let anyone gets confused about identifying them. The ocean and Island look more cinematic as per the gameplay. The scooters of the zombie look like the real zombie vehicle, which differentiate it from other zombie game. Every Island is full of jungles and adventure creatures. It is the best part of the game as every Island looks so beautiful and different. The sound effects of the birds, water, and other natural stuff are authentic. The developer also has loaded sounds for walking, running, and firing from the guns.

Features of Zombie Castaways

The game has loaded many exciting features to make a player feel like staying in a real Zombieland. Some of the elements in the game include the following:-

Explore another zombie world

Every zombie has a permanent zombie island, and they had to travel to other lands to get some treasure, food, and many useful things for building zombie cities. They use the wealth to buy Bricks, rods, paints, etc. from the game to build a house on their Island. The moto of the game is to change the Island to an advanced city. Zombies can expand their cities after exchanging the treasure will the resources for building the zombie city.

Zombie Castaways Apk

Meet new zombie farm helpers

A zombie can travel to other islands and interact with them. They don’t need to fight with the good zombies. Zombies can make new friends and enjoy exploring more Zombieland with them. They also organize a zombie party and meet up with the good ones. The zombie has to bring all the farm helpers from different zombie lands to help them grow crops and fruits on the Island. Some of the plants shown in the game are bone berries and necro pumpkins. The farm helpers also get paid for their work in Zombieland.

Talk to characters other than zombies

The game also has some characters other than zombies like a best friend named Diana Jones, who help the zombies decide where to go to find treasures. The local celebrity of the zombie land is Z.cheif, who is an interesting personality. The future girlfriend of the zombie is miss Amy, the most beautiful girl in the game.

Find love for zombie

Zombies also fall in love with girls. The girls on other islands are beautiful. The player needs to find the best match for the zombie. The game also has some cute romantic scenes of zombies after falling in love with the girl. It is the last end of the zombie, and he has to change to a human to live with his partner. It depends upon the player whether to gets the zombie back to his love or stays like an evil. It is the most emotional part of the game where a zombie has to sacrifice his appreciation for their people.

Zombie Castaways Android

Final words

Zombie Castaways is an not an evil and zombie war game. It teaches how to be a hero in the look of a villain. The zombies are more dedicated to build their cities. The game is like a movie that is full of fun, adventure, romantic and emotional characters.

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