Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

Zombie Tsunami is an attacking game of zombies that offers more than 300 missions. It is the only game that had given a decisive role to zombies. The competition aims to convert the people of towns to zombies. They enter the city in gangs and start attacking the people. Every people they attack turn into a zombie and join their group. The game ends after they convert the whole city to a Zombieland. It has an enormous character like birds, dragons, zombie men for making it a more enjoyable game.

Overview Information

App Name Zombie Tsunami
Version 4.3.1
Size 67 MB
Category Arcade
Developer Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Installs 100,000,000+
Requirements Android 4.1 or above
Get it on
Updated On May 2020

Visual and sounds

The game is full of incredible levels and scenes. Every mission comes with a lot of amazing surprises for zombies. It holds a wide variety of zombies with different shapes and sizes. The graphics of the game is moderate for entertaining the player. The activity and expressions of zombies are more fun to make you laugh. All humans have to run from the zombies. The role of the player is to take the help zombies for catching every people in the city. The sound of the zombies matches their personality and enough to entertain a player.

Features of Zombie Tsunami latest version

The game had tried it best to keep zombie as a positive character. It has quite costly features to be explored in the following ways:-

One-touch game control mode

It doesn’t have many options to make the game more challenging. The zombies go on running automatically inside the city. The player had to control their direction for catching people. They need to move their finger on the screen to show the path for travelling inside the city. The entire herd can be controlled with the one-touch mode. It makes you feel like bringing a big tsunami to the town.

Delirious bonus and characters

Zombie Tsunami holds a lot of characters. It gives points based on the number of people caught in each step towards the city. The more people you can in less time, the more points you can grab in the game. The applications of the zombie coin are extensive. The player can use it for unlocking different zombie characters other than humans. It can be useful in buying characters like dragons, birds, animals, giant zombies, to attack the city like a disaster.

More than 300 missions to unlock

The game is mixed with smooth and sturdy missions. It doesn’t let you feel bored because the difficulty doesn’t go on increasing on unlocking the levels. They have made it mixed to keep the attention of the player. It has more shocking as well as funny levels to play. It is made in the motive to provide entertainment to the player instead of the gameplay. It is not a game with the same interface. The player need to engage himself for a few months to clear all of the missions.

11 sets for travelling

Zombies can travel in the city in different travel modes. They can either run before the people to catch them or choose to sit on the dragon to do the same. It has many features for finding people inside the city. The zombies can choose to travel by cars or animals to have some fun inside the city. They will not feel any difficulty to go in the forward direction. The funniest part of the game is to watch the reaction of people after seeing the zombies.

Final words

Zombie Tsunami can be the game of choice for those who don’t want to play a dangerous game. It gives a lot of joy to the player and acts as an entertaining source. It is the reason why it has grabbed millions of downloads from the play store.

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